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Hi! I am Maggie, a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed a year ago. I am new to this network, but I have enjoyed reading the dissusions. It has helped me with some questions of my own. It really helps to communicate with someone who has been through the same as myself.


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    Dear Maggie,
    It's Maggs again. I talked via the chat room last week with you and Karbear. I just wanted to tell you more about the POSSIBLE SOURCE of bleeding from your bottom after the hysterectomy. Ask if you have hemorrhoids (spelling?) down there. If you do,you can use baby wipes to keep them clean, preparation H ointment or Desitin, drink lots of water and I ate lots of prunes
    for weeks to keep from getting constipated. Sometimes the hemmorhoids (spelling?)still bleed, but I now use Desitin, drink water and eat prunes if it gets bad. They have improved over time. You should keep them clean so you don't get an infection. That's where the baby wipes can help! Sorry I was calling these lumps outside the rectum "hernias"--which was wrong. Hemorrhoids are common after a hysterectomy, I have been told. Your doctor could tell you for sure if that's what they are. I still have them but they don't bother me that much anymore. Hope this is good information for you. Love, Maggs (10/8/02)