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Hey Vinnie, It's Saturday night and my husband has already hit the sheets. I just took my shower and did my nightly pushing and prodding all over and around the biopsy incision. There is a solid form all along the incision that is not soft like the rest of my breast. My husband tells me that is the tissue healing. Dr.Ray may be right. I hope so. When do you see your Oncologist? I thought you told me the date, but could not find it in any of my prints. I see mine next Tuesday. I am both looking forward to that visit and dreading it at the same time. I am doing some visualization. I imagine the white cells as little white pac men gobbling up all the cancer cells. Better get to bed too, I have written down all the names I pray for now,I'm so afraid to leave anyone out. Your friend. Nancy Sims


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    Hi Nancy an Ellen:
    You both seem to be getting around this site very nicely so I thought I would give this a try and get you both at one time (if it works). You know, it takes me all night to get thru this site to be sure I'm not missing anything. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, cause by the time I want to respond, I'm dizzy already. Anyway, Nancy, I wanted to mention your response to Bonnie was very touching (9/4). I can't imagine going thru this without this site. Having women like both of you on my side, just makes me feel like I'm on the winning team. And I know in my heart we will kick this thing right in the butt. You were right, I can see us in the near future adding our comments to "Finishing Treatment" and "Cancer Free", Our Goal is to THINK IT, FEEL IT, AND SAY IT "CANCER FREE".
    Nancy, I haven't heard about the aloe on breast/radiation, but it sounds like it can't hurt. We can all ask the dr. at our next appoint.
    Well my appointment is Monday, so if I don't talk to anybody tomorrow, good luck with your appointment (Tuesday)? and hopefully well all have some positive news next time we speak.
    God Bless, your friend, vinnie