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short term memories

WinneyPooh's picture
Posts: 318
Joined: Jul 2009

while making breakfast i stopped a moment and questioned whats that smell, is someone cooking, only to remember it when the toaster popped up, it was my toast, which i was toasting.

thats a new record for me,:>)

anyone else have this,


maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

tehehe....thought it was just my age


Sonia32's picture
Posts: 1078
Joined: Mar 2009

arghhh I get that as well, I'm doing something then for a few seconds I forget what I'm doing.if it's just age then I've had it being 34 lol.
hope it's not to bad for you

msccolon's picture
Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2004

total loss of short term memory. Sort of gotten used to it, everyone around me has had to get used to it too. You just have to laugh.

idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Mags.... u funny! Purse on my arm...shades on my head.... where the hell is my purse and shades?????? YA...been there...done that


Kerry S's picture
Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

I have to mark down on paper when I take my meds. Dont want to under or over dose. I also have to tell the scary old woman when I take them. We have fun with the problem. I love catching her being stupid. We find that laughing at ourselves helps a bunch in this crap. When I screw up I just tell her "baain toomoor" You got to play with the cards you got.

Kerry (old SOB with a great wife)

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karguy's picture
Posts: 1024
Joined: Apr 2009

It happens to me all the time.I'll be doing something,then stop and ask why am I doing this.I started to carry cards in my pocket to write things down.

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6733
Joined: Feb 2009

All the time. I'll go upstairs for something and the minute I'd get to the top step can't remember what it was. Oh this gets frustrating :) But at least there is some memory left LOL


herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

While on chemo, I was terrible with cooking, unfortunately, I have no sense of smell, so if something is burning, I don't know it, until the smoke starts rolling around.
I burnt my hamburgers once (their on my facebook page, an ode to chemo)they looked like hockey pucks by the time the smoke got my attention, I had totally forgotten I was cooking. This has happened several times. I kept reminding myself I was cooking and then would forget it again. So, yep, totally understand!!!
Winter Marie

lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008

I can beat that... one day I was talking on my cell phone while I was at home getting ready to leave the house. While I was talking, I found myself walking all around my house looking for my cell phone! I even said to my friend something about how I couldn't find my phone. She's like... uh, aren't you talking to me on it?
Boy, did I feel stupid and wondered if I was losing my mind!
Yeah- my memory is bad lately- I guess the combo of chemo brain and chemo induced early menopause has done my short term memory in! It's really bad sometimes!

herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

I've done that too!!!! Too funny!!!

Lori-S's picture
Posts: 1286
Joined: Sep 2010

Here's one that always gets me ... talking on the cell phone while digging through my purse thinking I forgot my cell phone!

soccermom13's picture
Posts: 226
Joined: Feb 2010

I am so glad that someone brought this up. My family is constantly "catching" my goofs and then we laugh! Sometimes I think that I am going nuts when I can't remember what it is that I am doing . . .

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