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We're going to zap the buggers!

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It is a go for Stereotatic Radiosurgery!

I met with both my local medical oncologist and radiation oncologist yesterday. Basically, I am not a conventional surgical candidate for the 4 lung mets. Other treatments options are chemotherapy or, recently on the scene, some sort of radiosurgery or RFA etc. The nodules are slow growing and small, they are confined to one organ, the lung, they are not near anything critical in the lung, and the radiation oncologist says he can treat them all. We made the choice to go ahead with the Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Gamma knife at my clinic; new machine and the same radiation oncologist who treated the rectal tumor with good results.) Yesterday I had the prep CT plus they made the cradle I will lie in for treatment which involves lying in a bean bag and foam block cradle with a plastic sheet over my chest area that sucks the air out and restricts breathing somewhat and renders me unable to move (that was fun!). I will have a total of 5 treatments, one 45 minute or so session each day, starting next Thursday, January 20 in Casper, WY. I will return home on Friday after treatment and then go back for the remaining three Monday Jan. 24-Wednesday Jan. 26.

This is a lovely turn of events. How interesting that I am delighted to be agreeing to receive radiation therapy. However, compared to other alternatives right now, this one offers the possibility of "long-term progression-free survival can be seen in a subset of patients when all tumors are targeted." January 23rd is my 59th Birthday, and this is the most intriguing gift I've ever received.

More info for folks who want more detail:

Stereotactic radiation treatment for lung metastases grew out of treatments originally given to those patients with Stage 1 lung cancer who were not thoracic surgical candidates for numerous other health reasons. The success with it led to being opened up as a treatment for other patients, like me, for whom conventional surgery was not an option. Here's to remembering those folks who came before me, paving the way.

I'll keep you posted.

all the best, Leslie

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Wishing you all of the best with this treatment. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Linda and Ellie

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This sounds like a great opportunity + decision. Your nod to those that went before you is beautiful; it is important to remember all the trailblazers who made all of our treatment options possible. My warmest thoughts go to you for success with this procedure.

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That's right girl, you zap those buggers but good!! Options are a beautiful thing, and I'm glad you found this one. It's a good 59th birthday present.
Thinking of you.
Winter Marie

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Well, happy birthday to you, Leslie! Although it sounds sort of like a science fiction movie, this also presents a very good option of treatment for you. Please keep us posted on how you do!


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This truly is good news in the big picture. Great way to go instead of chemo. Wishing you nothing but the best outcome. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hugs - Tina

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I am so pleased for you as you sound very encouraged with this treatment plan.

Praying that you have safe travels, and wonderful outcome from this treatment.


Marie who loves kitties

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Kerry S
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Leslie darlin,

I just love it when these docs use a rifle approach instead of a shotgun approach. Why beat the hell out of the good cells with a shotgun. Recovery is faster and you will be in great shape by the time we need to brush hog again.


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Sounds like a sound plan.
I'm glad you have options open.

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Sounds like the right thing to do and to have it done in such a short amount of time is great. Wishing the best for your treatment. Have a happy happy birthday and make sure you do smething special - you deserve it.

Hugs! Kim

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I'm glad you are a candidate for this and are going forward with it. I wish you all the best! Also, happy birthday to you on the 22nd. My husband turns 50 on the 25th, but I am throwing a 50th bday party for him on the 22nd, so I will be thinking of you too on that day. :)

Take care & keep us updated as to how it goes & how you feel from it.


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I'm just wondering what your secret along with everyone else on the board is in looking so young, must be the chemo. lol

Seriously so glad you will be getting those buggers zapped.


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Great news! I'm waiting to hear my final plan for stereotactic radiosurgery to my rectal area and 2 other spots in my abdomen! That was fun sitting in that bean bag thing! At least I didn't have the additional bag to limit my breathing! So glad you are moving forward!

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Leslie, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a plan!! Sounds like you have a great one!! Good Luck to you, with love and prayers.


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sounds like a good option which is impressive.

goodluck trying to stay still for the 45 minutes.



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It's so cool to have you all as the cheering section 'cause must admit it's an interesting thing to be excited about getting radiation therapy now 3 days away.

Pete- I'll laugh a bunch now so it's easier later in the machine (I already asked about sedative and they said oh, yeah, Ativan:-)

all the best, Leslie

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