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Great news!

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Dad's tumor is shrinking!

Posts: 30
Joined: Nov 2010

My dad had his appt. today after his CT scan last week, the tumor shrunk in half. It was 10cm X 11cm, so, I think this is a pretty good result. They will do 3 more rounds of chemo then do another scan to see if it's still shrinking.

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That sounds like good news to me. I hope the rest of the tx will just knock the rest of the tumor out. Lori

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Joined: Nov 2010

It is always great to read positive news! I wish your Dad and you continued success and progress. Keep us posted!

Best wishes always


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Glenna M
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This is the best news I've read this morning!!

I'm sure it will continue to shrink during the rest of his treatment and he will have many, many more years to enjoy his life and his family.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news.


Posts: 30
Joined: Nov 2010

Thank you! The past 3 months I have been so depressed thinking about everything the doctors said. His prognosis looked grim (according to the doctor's) and I've watched my dad go from a happy independent person to a 129 pound guy who can barely walk from one room to another now. He still struggles with breathing, which I'm sure between the cancer and the emphysema, that is to be expected. This news to me is the best I've heard about him since Oct. 8th, when they told him he had cancer. The doctor even told my dad yesterday that he was completely shocked at the results, as he never expected it.


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That is good stuff. There is always hope. Glad to hear that some good news has come your way.

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