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Forgive me if I missed the post this Memorial Day Weekend, but I didn't see anything like this posted as of yet this weekend and I know some had talked about starting a thread listing everyone we can recall whom we have lost on the colorectal board this past year. BTW, I did just notice today that CSN does have a general board now called "In Loving Memory", which anyone can post a memorial for someone they lost to cancer.

Being very tired at the moment I'm writing this, I don't want to post some info without all the info for people we've lost, so I'll leave it at this and leave this open for people to add names and information for our dear friends that we've lost here this past year.

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melissaincali's husband Brant,and father of william, passed away on December 17th 2009 from colorectal cancer.

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Especially when I read the whole thread, saw so many from CP6 in Nashville, and saw Donna's post....

Can I add family? Even tho not cancer?

My ex-hubby, David, who was still my friend passed 12/06 massive heart attack.
My daughter, Stephanie, 1/07, 3 weeks after my ex...neglect in a care facility....

Hugs to us all, These warriors went before us, to light the way...


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My Birth Mother: survived 2 bouts of breast cancer but died of colon cancer, November 14, 2009

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My beloved husband died October 1, 2010.
Dx'd May 2009 with stage 4, rectal cancer.
Father to one son, 13 years old.

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Paula G.'s husband John (JR) passed away 12/31/10 at 9:30 p.m.
Husband of Paula and father of 2 sons. John was in his 50's.
Diagnosed November, 2008, Stage IV.


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I am feeling pretty sombre after reading this post.
my aunty val died of lung cancer december 10 aged 65.
i do hate this disease even though I appreciate the life lessons its given me.
I look back at the blissful ignorance before diagnosis.
god bless us all living and deceased.


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