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Chronic Cough

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Nana b
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I believe that I have mentioned that I have had this cough that I can't seem to get rid of and thought that it could possibly be cancer in the lungs. Well my cough got so bad that I was going without sleep. I went to see a new primary care doctor and he said I had a touch of asthma, but that he needed to do x-rays. I asked him why my back hurt every time I inhaled for him and he said that my lungs may have fluid in them and be rubbing against my ribs (pleura infection). Anyway he sent me in for blood tests and an x-ray of the chest. The lab also took 8 tubes of blood, he is checking Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, thyroid, cholesterol (something different), and some other things that were checked on the slip. I should get results soon. What worries me is that last week this chiropractor took some x-rays and as she was going through it she pointed at this spot and said this spot must be from your cancer. I asked her what part is that and she pointed to her lower abdomen, under the belly. The x-ray were only of the chest so that was confusing to me, and both my sister and I thought the same thing. Is that my lung!

I am worried that it may be cancer, but hoping it's something else!

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My hubby had a chronic cough too, but along with that a bit of acid reflux, they gave him a pill to take every day for the acid reflux, and his cough went away, it seemed part of that problem.
Hoping yours is something simple like that.
Fingers and toes crossed hun.
Winter Marie

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to scare you, but when I went and had my yrly physically (11 Nov), my primary doc wanted to know that last time was vacanated for TB, Whooping Cough and ??. I told him I thought it was sometime in the early 90's, so I got the vaccine. He also said that cases of Whooping Cough were going around in adults

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Whooping Cough IS back, but it's usually accompanied by fever...

I have bronchitis...just got a z-pak for it...had it for a week...could it be that?

Please keep us posted, I'm sending big hugs...

Hugs, Kathi

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I sure hope that the xrays come back ok and that you get some resolution to that cough. Nothing worse than something that keeps you from getting a good nights sleep.

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I hope you get your answers soon. Waiting is tough!

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I understand your worries it's normal, every time I have a little pain l think is cancer, but it never was so cheer up dear!

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Nana b
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I think I just got my first real asthma attack. I couldn't breath...thank goodness I had the inhaler! It was like my air passage was completely blocked off. Like I hit a wall. WOW. My daughter just sat on the couch as if nothing was happening, tuned to her TV!

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The tuned into the TV or computer are truly blessed, they don't see the worries or dangers around them.
Because of my oxi, I woke up and had lost my breath, I pounded on my hubby, shook him, all the while struggling to breathe, I think I could have beat that man to death and he wouldn't have woke up. Thank goodness the breath came.
Oh my, oh my, I'm soooooo glad you had the inhaler!!!!
By, the by and by, I think both you and Lori S should have been models. Gorgeous women, you both.
Winter Marie

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I hope you find resolution to your lung/coughing soon! When it starts interfering with our sleep, it's time to get it fixed! With your further post about having an asthma attack, I am praying this is "all" it is. Stay strong!

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Hope you will be feeling better soon. Will be praying that all of your tests will be negative.
Linda and El

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Oh, me. To me, this is one of the cruelest side effects of having cancer. No matter what happens to our bodies, we always wonder if it might be cancer rearing its ugly head again. I'm praying you get wonderful results!


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A chiropractor can 'read' xrays of the spine well enough to see if it's out of alignment, but they are NOT radiologists. I had an xray once and was dx'd with a safety pin in my abdomen. Actually my pants were loose and I'd quickly grabbed a safety pin to keep them from slipping down.

Maybe your dark spot was a snap on your jeans, a coin in your pocket or a defective spot on the film. Anyone can take an xray in a chiropractor's office... not a true xray tech.

Praying you remain forever NED!

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I'm praying for remaining forever NED too, Raquel!
Diane, it's good to see a post from you on the board again!!


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