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HSC Topic

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Hi guys, ive just started my HSC and i am studying the course, Community and Family Studies, We just began our first major assessment which is an Indiviual Research Project,i chose to do mine on 'How does chemotherapy Affect a perons wellbeing?'
I came onto this site in hope that i could inspire a few people to tell their stories to me and tell of how is affected their wellbeing in all aspects.
So please if you are interested in helping me out, show your interest.

(P.S. i know this may seem very private but i can gurantee no personal information will be used and you don't even have to use your real name this is not a full on study of your life just a bit on how chemotherapy has affect you and how i can make these affects known by all)

Thanks Samm-93

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I do not fully understand what information you a looking for, but would be happy help if I can. I am a bc survivor, did 4 months of chemo last oct. You may pm if you think I can help you. Alison

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Hi sorry for that, i'll try to explain a little further into what i'm trying to do.
My assessment is based on how chemotherapy affects a person in aspects such as:
So my plan would be as i've only just started is to organise some questions to ask you about your cancer and how the chemotherapy that you had affected you in the aspects listed above. Then my plan is to make a short story of the cancer and your life and put it into my project. Do i have your permission to submit your story into my assessment?

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