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Well ladies and gentlemen

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Well ladies and gentlemen. The brain thing did turn out to be metastasis but it was still very small and caught early. It's a good thing that I was having the symptoms I was having or it could have gotten really out of hand before it was noticed. I love you guys and will update later.


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Kenny H.
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Thats good. Nothing like catching it early.

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Glad to see your post. Not only is it good news but also means that you are at least up for a little board time which is great!

Take care, give mom a hug, and we look forward to having you back full time soon.

Marie who loves kitties

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Are you made of iron?
Gooood to hear you !!
Best, hugs to mom!

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you just don't know how happy I am to read this post from you. I was so scared at first when I saw the thread that I almost didn't open it....but I did and there you go.! Look at you Mr. Eric...brain surgery and posting the next day!

Take care, hug Mom, and be sweet to the nurses;)


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This makes my day. Take some time to get back on your feet but thanks for the update.


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they caught it early. Now you just get better and thanks for the update i was worried about you.


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Joined: Apr 2009

Well that is kind of good news,I hope they can get rid of it soon.Good luck.

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You are a true wonder!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Joined: Oct 2009

I can't believe you are already posting! I am so glad it was small + caught early. Thanks so much for posting - I am incredibly happy that you are up to that. I have been wondering how you are but wasn't expecting to hear this soon. Amazing!

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Glad that you are out of surgery and that the met was caught early and small. Get your rest!

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you're all of that rolled into one. Keep us posted on what the plan is


just4Brooks's picture
Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

you're all of that rolled into one. Keep us posted on what the plan is


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Thank you for posting. It's so good to hear how it went. Bad news/good news-so glad it was small and it's outta there.

Love, Leslie

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Awesome that you caught it early. You amaze me at your strength. Glad you were able to post and let us know that you came through surgery. Was praying for you all day. Hugs to you and Mom.


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Thank god for symptoms. Hope for fast recovery. Laura

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Joined: Dec 2009

I am so glad you're posting. I'm sure you're tired and all, but what an amazing person you are!!

I'm so glad that they caught that early and got it out. Let us know the plans for the future. Give your mom kisses and hugs. Keep the nurses in line. :)

Love ya bud,


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Joined: Sep 2009

Good to see you posting. Just stay positive and keep posting. We are here for you when you need to think out loud. My Prayers are with you. Margaret

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Posts: 484
Joined: Jul 2009

Hallelujah...so glad it was identified in early stage. Hopefully you can nuke it and move on.

((hugs)) to you...rest adn update us when you're up to it


Posts: 1736
Joined: Jul 2007

Now that we know it was caught early that is a great thing...Take care of yourself and rest...


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Joined: Jan 2010

I am sorry it was mets, but glad to hear it was caught early. Also glad you felt well enough to post

Feel Better!


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Posts: 810
Joined: Nov 2009

Glad to hear they caught it early!!

impactzone's picture
Posts: 542
Joined: Aug 2006

You are a big time courageous guy. Overall, very glad it was caught early!

Nana b's picture
Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

What were the symptoms please! THANKS

luv3jay's picture
Posts: 534
Joined: May 2009

Way to keep fighting Eric. I'm glad it was caught early. Keep us posted on your recovery and the next step to your healing.


lisa42's picture
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Joined: Jul 2008

Hey Eric,

Glad it's small and that they caught it early. You can still beat this!!!

Hugs and prayers,

tootsie1's picture
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Joined: Feb 2008

That's such good news, Eric! (Can you believe I'm cheering for a brain met?). Keep us updated as you can.


Aud's picture
Posts: 480
Joined: Oct 2009

so glad to see your post! very happy that it was caught early. continuing to hold you in the Light for healing, strength, and hope.

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Dear One,

Leave it to you to have brain surgery one day and post the next. Your mom must be soooooooo relieved that you are doing so well. I'm sure you have to be reminded to take it easy...you did just have brain surgery!!!!! I sure hope you're not experiencing much pain. I'm sure mom will push the button for you if you won't do it yourself. You really are amazing and I will continue to pray for you.

Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Looking forward to hearing from you again when you are up to it.

Big Hugs and Prayers,


kristasplace's picture
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I hope there is no more spread. Rest, and drink TONS of water. I've been forgetting to, and boy does it cause misery! Are they wanting to do MORE chemo?

Hugs (i accidentally typed jugs instead of hugs, and almost didn't catch it. I'm sure you wouldn't have liked that! Never type in the dark!)


Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

My buddy,you got great attitude and you always look at the good side of the things.I know you will handle it well.I hope the doctors will have a solution for it soon.Take care.

Kathleen808's picture
Posts: 2361
Joined: Jan 2009

It is good to hear from you. I am glad they caught is early. I'll continue to hold you in prayer.


msccolon's picture
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Joined: Oct 2004

Brain surgery and you're already posting, you are amazing! I pray for your continued healing and for an easy go of future treatments.

imagineit2010's picture
Posts: 153
Joined: Jan 2010

Not sure what to say Eric. Not the best news but not the worst either. Wish it wasn't cancer but early detection helps your odds. I think you can beat this part. Stay strong and positive. Are you and Craid having a contest who can have the most surgeries???? ;D
Take care,

Lilmiss82's picture
Posts: 257
Joined: Dec 2009

I hate that it got up to your brain but I'm happy you mentioned that it was very small and caught early. But seriously, like Chris mentioned Get some rest you've had a pretty intense week :) I'll be thinking of you Take care

Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

Well, OK -- small and caught early -- that's what we want to hear!

You are a champion and a hero.



Posts: 67
Joined: Dec 2009

So good to see GOOD NEWS Eric. Catching it early, small, always a good thing to hear. Take care - wishing you a speedy recovery. Blessings to you, your angel who I know is by your side each day....angels are wonderful caregivers!

Posts: 295
Joined: Apr 2010

I am amazed you are responding so soon. I'm glad it was small and caught early. Now get some rest and enjoy the nurses. When my husband had his procedures done in Pittsburgh, there were a lot of young, cute nurses.

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I just realized my comment didn't post the other day. I was so happy to see your post. I was worried about you.

You are totally amazing! Brain surgery, and yet you posted to let us know how you were doing right away. I'm glad they removed it while it was very small and hadn't caused too much trouble yet.

Rest up and give us an update when you can.

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I am very glad they caught this early, I will keep you in my prayers, heal soon and take care.

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Eric, so happy to hear that you are doing ok... Petrina

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