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Could be damn good news

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Kerry S
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Hey guys. I got a call from my super colon surgeon tonight. He said they ran my biopsy samples from my rectum back thru the system. They now come back as non definitive for cancer. Remember the PET said only “possible” activity there.

He does not take chances so he is going to do another colonoscopy on me Friday 9 am.
It’s been 5 months from the last one. I asked him if we could do it with just the office scope and he said sternly “no I want you out” I don’t quite know how to take that.

Hell, I am going to try my damnest to play a tune this time with the farts from the colonoscopy.


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Kerry, good luck with this; it sounds very promising! I am hoping for the "all clear"!

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"I asked him if we could do it with just the office scope
and he said sternly “no I want you out”"

Dontcha' just hate it... when you come to, to see them putting their
clothes back on?

Makes ya' wonder, huh?

Good luck.


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I woke up during the last one. YUCK!!!! I say put me waay out. Gotta love those drugs. Versed is wonderful.


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Good news dude! Good luck on that upcoming colonoscopy..... tell ur doc to go easy on ya.... ya gotta get your arse back up in that Kabota! Luv to ya my friend!!!


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guarantee ya ou'd be the first to do it.....sounds great buddy

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That is terrific news! Good Luck, my fingers are crossed for an all clear


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hoping for an all clear, and when you get that tune down how about you lead us in a parade. on second thought how about you lead from the back, ya know down wind so to speak.
hope this finds ya smilin' and your soon whistling zippty-do-da out of your ...back side.

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Have a fun time with the colonoscopy!!
I love them specially if good news afterwards!jajajaja!!
Good luck!

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