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Father has Stage 4 and it went to his brain.

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Im new to this but here i go.

I learned about my father two weeks after July 4th of 2009. He was coughing up blood and they took him to the hospital and thats when we found out that he had lung cancer, nonsmall cell lung cancer it was only 3m and they did 33 radaition treatments and like a week and a 1/2 we got good news that it was stable so we was happy we was going to have a great Christmas but Christmas morning he woke up at my house and had a knot on the left side above his ear near the tiple. he was thinking it was a spider bite but guess what it was not, He had cancer again well they didn't do any thing for about two months and i found out and started taking him back to the dr's.. well he had surgrey and they took it out it wasin his brain and had gottin in his bone in his head and they dr told us that he has another one in the back of his haed and he couldn't get to it so he is going to just do Radiation on his whole head for it.. We was told with him doing the Radiation he has 6 to 8 Months to live and if he don't do the Radiation he will only have 2 to 3 months so my father is going to take the Radiation.. I have not been here before and i don't know what to do but to be strong for my father because he has always the stronge one. His mother and father both died of cancer also.. I love My Father so much that it hurts so bad to see him go throw what he gose throw..

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My husband had 8 small tumors in his brain, after 3 weeks of radiation, MRI shows NOTHING!please have hope and pray a lot because God never give`s a pain that you can`t take it.
we are with you......

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Radiation will do a number on those tumors, that plus they will most likely give him a steriod to help shrink them.

My mom has SCLC w/mets to brain and now spine. The radiation did what it was supossed to do to both brain and spine, now it is time for the chemo to do its job on the lung.

Don't listen to statistics, that is all they are, no one can say with certainity how long he has with or w/o treatment.

Be good to yourself.....

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Ladywolf72,I am now 50 yrs old, I am a 2+yr survivor of stage 4 lung cancer, when first diagnosised I had NSCLC in my right lung (multiple tumors) and lymphs, I had SCLC in my Left lung. They gave me 4-6 months without chemo, 1-1 1/2 yrs with chemo.
The chemo they did was more palliative care, with a hope it could slow it down, and it did. But because I have multiple health problems I had to stop chemo. But it did help, and of that I am thankful, even with the side effects I would do it again.
I was diagnosis in 06 with early onset of Altzheimers and Parkinsons, I had a stroke in 07, diagnosis with the stage 4 lung cancer in 08, had my 6th heart attack in Jan/Feb 09 and was put on Hospice with 4-6 months to live. I have less now than 30% of my heart working and the cancer has spread to my bones and brain. If you read my bio you will see it has been a rough road, but we have laught and loved our way through it.
But my family and friends surround me with positive attitudes and support, they help me keep HOPE alife. It is important that your father be surround by positive and leave the negative outside. It is hard, but the most productive things we can do is keep the attitudes positive and hope alife. This disease is one that takes its tolls on people, and it is hard to beat,(though there are those on this site alone who have No Evidence of Disease), so it can be beaten.
But now is the time also to cherish the time you have with each other, create great memories as my wife and I do as well as our kids and grandkids. No one has any garranty on how long anyone has, I lossed my 11 month older brother 3 years age to heart disease, so there are no forsures. But you have to live for today, tomorrow will be here soon enough and you cant change it anyway.
Laugh at all that you can, there are enough sad things in life. Try to do things that will create great memories. My wife and I are silly, we laugh alot, sometimes people think we have lost it, but we are making the best out of a bad situation. We pray together, we try never to let negative things get a hold in our lives.Hope, Pray, Love, and Laughter are the best things to share right now along with a positive attitude, we believe that is what has helped me beat every prognosis that I have been given.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your father, You, Your Family and everyone,

Dan(cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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