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Immune system/getting ill after finishing chemo.

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Now that I am off the chemo and in remission I find that I am getting sick all the time. More than I was when I was on the chemo it seems like (maybe because I am leaving the house more).

How long does it take for your immune system to build back up again? I literally have been catching a cold/sore throat/etc. every couple of weeks since finishing the chemo. I know I haven't been off it for terribly long, but I'm getting pretty tired of this.

I want to be able to get my life back to normal and get a job. I was applying for a few jobs online today while having a sore throat, earache and a mild fever. I don't want to push it, but I need to get my life back, both for financial reasons, and for my sanity ;)

I'd love to know what other people's knowledge and experience on the subject is.

Thanks so much :)

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Sometime it could take several months before things start to get somewhat normal again, even though you finish treatment your body is still cooking with rad & Chemo. Give it time. If you can don’t go back to work to fast consult your doctor about work and when it might be safe to start looking a job again, take time and give your body rest and try doing a little more each day build up slowly .

I post normally on Head & Neck but drop by here every now and then, all the best to you.

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I've been away from treatments for 8 months and my energy level has been still low, but I work with my system. After treatments it took me 4 months until I was back up and feeling so much better. My oncol told me the chemo is still in my body until about the time my wig is off....which was 5 months. You should expect some issues still.

What worked for me was a great line of liquid vitamins and watched what I ate. I've ALWAYS been a good eater and vitamin taker, so that could be where I've gone uphill so much faster vs. many others. Vitamins and foods help fill in our where we're lacking. Without a good and strong immune system it's hard on our bodies and more susceptible to other illness, etc.

Best to you...

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