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Heart jumps

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I am a 33 year old Ewing's Sarcoma survivor and have been clear for 20 years. I was treated with radiation and chemo. I have recently been feeling my heart 'jump' at different times of the day. I went to the doctor and had an EKG, echo cardiogram and I wore a halter monitor for a day. My doctor told me the test came back good. I guess my question is has anyone felt their heart jumping and if so, what kind of diagnosis did you receive? Why is my heart doing this if it's good?

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hi there, i am hodgkins disease survivor it has been in remission in 96 but i was treated with chemo and radiation and i am still hving trouble with different things.. i was admitted into the hospital for sympoms of a heart attack and all the tests came back fine even though i feel like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest at times and the fact that nitro patches help me tremendously with energy etc when i wear them. but "my heart is fine too" i also have severe fatigue and muscle soreness and weakness and i am constantly coming down sick now and noone can tell me why that is either..my cardiologist seems to think that it has to do with chemo and radiation and he was upset at the fact they weren't monitoring my heart during the course of the treatment and they should be.. i guess because of the effects it can have on the heart as well.. please take care and God Bless
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I had HD 27 years ago and my heart jumps and races all the time. I also have had ekg's, echocardiogram, holter monitor,stress test, ect. I was told I have mitral valve prolapse and take a beat blocker. I just had my thyroid removed a month ago and am on med for that which seems to be making my heart race even more. HD survivors should keep their thyroid checked as problems with that are a common side effect of radiation. If anyone else has the heart racing problem, please let me know what you're doing for it.

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Hi all,

There are many different kinds of heart problems related to treatment for childhood and adolescent cancers. Radiation and adriamyacin and the two biggest causes of cardiac late effects. You can find out more about heart problems in Nancy Keene's excellent book, Childhood Cancer Survivors.

I developed cardiac problems many years after the radiation I had for HD. I saw many doctors and even had emergency cardiac surgery. But it wasn't until I saw a cardiologist that knew a lot about irradiated hearts that I was correctly diagnosed and treated. It is very important to find physicians who know about late effects.

I now run an internet discussion list for long term survivors through ACOR.org, it is the LTS group. If you join that discussion group you will hear from other long term survivors as well as physicians who treat survivors. We also maintain a list of physicians and clinics around the country who see survivors.
Feel free to write to me directly (zame@earthlink.net)
Linda Zame

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I am having shortness of breath this past two weeks I ended my radiation on two months ago. My Chemo before that. Now I feel like my bra is too tight and it makes it hard to breath. It is not tight....no breats to make it tight. I told him how that some times I lay down due to my heart feeling like it races. But went for test today. I also am having joints that hurt really really bad, hard to hang onto things with out dropping them. I thought I was doing great until this. I am 47 female that had each of my breast removed 6 months apart.

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I also got a breathing problem. I cant even walk for a couple of hours. When i feel my heart beat, I sometimes got scared. It seems like horses are running in my chest. Some says its a heart problem and if not taken care then it may be a case of Heart Surgery , while the others say its just a simple diseases that will be cured itself.

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What type of Cancer did you have and what was your treatment. I had head & neck NPC and have a lot of side affects from the rad & Chemo. Blood pressure falls to 80/47 sometimes and makes me feel very bad for a while but then goes back to normal and I am able to go again.

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