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Where are these hot flushes when you need one

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Sunny Alberta and -32, doesn`t matter if Fahrenheit or Celsius, almost same.

I am cold.

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-32 f is 64 degrees below the freezing point. -32 c is only 32 degrees below freezing point

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eitherway, i've been in - 28 degrees f --don't take a deep breath is all i can say, when it's 32 degrees below freezing here they think kids can walk up to a mile and a half to school.

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I am finally comfortable, now that it is cold outside. My husband is freezing in our house. He wears sweats and his thick hunting socks around the house. He used to wear shorts and a tshirt!

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My family is always complaining it's cold in the house... had to buy a really warm comforter for my hubby, I have a fan blowing on my all night... hahahaha!

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Joined: Oct 2009

My problem is that I don`t have any. Surgically induce menopause my as....
With very first one about month after surgery I stopped drink coffee and took more vit E. Now I have to wear 2 pair of socks.
Do I really know what I want?

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Last week I went on vacation to CT and NJ. Being from FL it was a huge difference in temp. The one day was 18 without the windchill. I did notice less hot flashes especially at night but still got them. I'm very happy to back in FL at the moment. 18 is a little too cold for my blood.

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-41.7 C or -43.06 F, so plus 18 sounds good.

What are we doing here?

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