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Renal Cell Patient on Torisel

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I have a friend who is a renal cell patient and she is currently taking torisel and was looking for someone to talk with who is dealing with the same diagnosis. Any suggestions?


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Is torisel a chemotherapy? My husband was diagnosed a mos ago and I feel that he should get chemo just in case. Did your doc suggest it?

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It isn't a chemo. It is what is called a targeted therapy. Chemo doesn't work on kidney cancer. Sounds like your doctor is on track. Just make sure you are with an RCC specialist.

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I have been on Torisel for about a year now give or take a week. I went 26 weeks with no progression. We will be doing another ct/scan in the next week or two to see what results are. My 1st reaction was a rash which was cured by switching from acid based bathsoap to glycerin based soap. About a month later I had another reaction, this time edema, they put me on some sort of antibiotic. It stopped it but you can still see the scarring on my lower legs. A few weeks ago i came down with another rash/skin irritation which was very itchy and the oncologist recomended we skip a week. I used hydrocortisone cream and benadryl and I resumed treatment this past Monday. I get treatment each Monday.

The Torisol is much better to me than Nexavar. Nexavar gave me bad side effects including a hand/foot reaction which turned all my callouses into large sore blisters. I could hardly walk. I was on Nexavar about 1 year.

I had my left kidney removed over 3 years ago along with a separate procedure in which the took out part of my right lung. Our goal now is to hopefully stop the renal carcinoma from spreading any further.


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