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foods thjat don't cause mucus easy to swallow

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I was wondereing if anyone who has had hodgkins My treatment was ABVD and 6 weeks of chest mantel radiaiton 17 years ago and 5 years ago I had my own stem cell transplant. My question to survivors is any one having side effects with eating or swallowing certain foods? I have lug disease know and was just trying to find better foods to eat that don't cause a lot of mucus?

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You might have greater response by re-posting this in the Head/Neck Cancer board, where many of us have experienced problems with both eating and mucous problems.

I personally do not have an answer for you, but I suspect that others in that board will be eager to respond.

Best wishes!

Take care,


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Thanks Joe,
I did go to Head/Neck cancer board and go 2 suggetsions.

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