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Craig Update

eric38's picture
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Joined: May 2009

F.Y.I. for those to whom it may concern, I have to postpone my visit for a day because Craig`s wife said he is in alot of pain and wouldn`t be very good company. He said he wanted to see me and hated to tell me no but he is looking forward to a visit tomorrow and he thinks he`ll be feeling better by then. If not, there is always Monday. But I will get in to see him.

AceSFO's picture
Posts: 230
Joined: Sep 2009

but at least he's in there where they can give him IV painkillers. Did she say any more about the surgery itself?
Thanks for all you're doing for him and for us-


Shayenne's picture
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Joined: Jan 2009

They control his pain well, I hate hearing someone is suffering, I'll be looking forward to when you can see him, can't rush his recovery, but it will just take time for him to heal, I'd probably wait on even visiting till he is truly feeling better, which may even take a couple of weeks.


eric38's picture
Posts: 588
Joined: May 2009

I haven`t heard any details about the surgery yet.
I`ll have to find that out later.

Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

Thank you very much,Eric.I understand the situation.The first night and the first day after surgery are always hardest because of the severe pain.I hope the nurses and the doctors will do a good job to control his pain and the pain will go away very soon.Thank you for your update,Eric.Take care.

sharpy102's picture
Posts: 371
Joined: Apr 2009

Hey Eric,

Thank you for updating us. Please inform us how Craig is doing. I hope he'll overcome this soon, and by the time he blinks two, it will be all a past nightmare. I wish him all the best! And I wish you guys all the best as well!
Take care,

Posts: 186
Joined: Jun 2009

Thanks for checking on Craig. When you visit tell him
we're thinking of him. Nice to see you back, too!

PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

Eric, thanks for the update

snommintj's picture
Posts: 602
Joined: Mar 2009

I thought di vinci was supposed to diminish the pain. Oh well, I guess if we've been where he's been, a little pain goes along way. Wait, I have been where he's been! I don't think I'm good company anymore, even without being post-op. Give him as much time as he needs I reckon. We can bust his chops for being cancer free later.

eric38's picture
Posts: 588
Joined: May 2009

John - I met with Craig today and his pain has subsided substantially. The pain was mainly from his tube and not getting the proper pain meds but they figured it out and he was doing well. In fact, when I entered the room he was sitting up on the couch and he believes he is having a speedier recovery than he normally would have. Keep in mind too that the doctors who were working with him are all relatively new to this. Craig is the first one to get this treatment in North Texas so it was a learning process for everybody. Craig was a guinea pig, so maybe because of him the next guy will not have to experience the pain that he did.

lesvanb's picture
Posts: 911
Joined: May 2008

I hope Craig finds relief quickly.

Best, Leslie

grammadebbie's picture
Posts: 471
Joined: Jun 2009

Eric, Thank you for keeping us informed. Really appreciate you thoughtfulness.

Blessings to you,

Debbie (gramma)

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

Thanks, Eric. You're a wonderful friend to Craig (and to us). We'll look forward to an update when you can get it!


Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6733
Joined: Feb 2009

So sorry he isn't feeling well but he did just go through a huge ordeal so I can understand the pain and wanting his rest. I remember my dad came in from out of town to see me and I just couldn't bring myself to be very good company. I hope that he feels up to your visit tomorrow. Thinking of him.


Paula G.'s picture
Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks for the news. Tell him we are thinking of him. Paula

robinvan's picture
Posts: 1014
Joined: May 2007

Thanks for staying on top of this.

Rob; in Van

ittapp's picture
Posts: 385
Joined: Jun 2009

Eric, you are such a great guy to check in on Craig and keeping us updated. We have the kindest people on here!!!:)

coolvdub's picture
Posts: 410
Joined: Aug 2009

ou are a godsend, thanks for putting in the time to let us know what's up with Craig. I know he will pull through it, we just need to be patient. I'm sure his wife will let us know when he's feeling up to a visit.


p.s. out of town visiting my mom so computer time is hard to come by.

Posts: 965
Joined: Nov 2008


Thanks for posting this. I hope you are able to see Craig soon and when you do so would you please send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am thinking of him and hoping his pain subsides soon and he is back at the keyboard soon.


2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001


please give Craig a hug from me, ok? I won't ask you to kiss him though. HA! :-)

peace, emily

WinneyPooh's picture
Posts: 318
Joined: Jul 2009

Eric, Let Craig Know, I would lend him my pooh bear for comfort, I know his pain, and I know his recovery will be slow, but he is strong and i know he will be here to help us for along time.
Love Ya Craig,

Your Great to Eric!!!

karguy's picture
Posts: 1024
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks for the update,I hope he feels better soon.

kristasplace's picture
Posts: 956
Joined: Oct 2007

I have been trying for days to open the newest update on Craig, and can't open it!! Ugh! This happens to a lot of the posts, i don't know why. It's frustrating.

Anyway, i know Craig will post as soon as he is able to, but can someone please post on this thread if everything is okay with him? Is he home yet?

Many hugs,

eric38's picture
Posts: 588
Joined: May 2009

Craig is not home yet. I called to check on him yeterday and he was having some complications. I saw him Sunday and he was doing good but yesterday he started having some breathing problems so they were monitoring him. His wife said he might go home tomorrow but it sure doesn`t sound like it. Before the surgery his Doctor told him he might go home the next day. Can you believe that? Major surgery and then home the next day. Yeah.....Whatever. I am going to call and check on him again today.


butterfly23's picture
Posts: 257
Joined: Mar 2008

Hi Eric
Just wanted to say "thank-you" for keeping us all updated!

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