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My son was hit by a truck on his bike

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Hi Semi-colons,

This has nothing to do with colon cancer (or juicing) but this afternoon my son (who turns 23 on Friday) was hit by a truck while on his bike. He has a major concussion, a sprained and stitched up jaw, and at least 2 fractures on his face (eye socket) along with cuts and abrasions. He's lucky to be alive. The old man didn't even know he hit him. I guess the bystanders were screaming at him to stop. Thank GOD he wasn't run over! My cyclist son wasn't wearing a helmet (NOW he might start listening to his mama). He was unconscious when taken by ambulance to the hospital. So tonight I will have to wake him every 2 hours (so that's why I'm up late--why bother going to bed now?).

I know there are a whole bunch of prayer warriors on here so I ask for prayer for Ian. We have to meet with an ENT to see if he needs reconstructive surgery.

Head injuries are nothing to sneeze at (think Natasha Richardson) so I appreciate any good thoughts, vibes, healing energy, prayers, or good juju. :-)

Thanks you guys cuz I know you will. You know why I know? Cuz Semi-colons ROCK!

peace, emily

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Hi Emily,
So sorry to hear about your son. I will definately say a prayer for him. There...done. Keep us informed of his progress.


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I am praying for Ian and for his mama. Yikes, how scary to get that call. I pray all goes well.

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Hi Emily,

Sorry to hear about Ian's tragic accident. I will definitely pray for him- and for you too- being a mom when things like this happen can be so stressful, I'm sure.

You take care & please let us know how he does. I'm praying right now as I sign off-

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As I type I will say a prayer.................................AMEN

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You and your son are in my prayers. I have been away for a while and it is nice to hear from you and know you continue to be well. Ian is blessed to have you there to help heal him.

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Nothing but good vibes going to your son~~~~~~~


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I will gladly add your son and the family to my prayers. I'm a mom of four and had only one sibiling. Michael died 2 years (murdered) ago from a back of the head injury (d9fferet from your son's)

I fully believe in the power of prayer and will remember him all during the day!


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I'm so sorry to hear this about your son Ian.
Street biking is so dangerous, that is why I had switched to mountain biking.
I'm sorry he had to learn the helmet thing the hard way.
Definitely sending out many good vibes and healing thoughts to both of you and the rest of the clan.

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Hi Emily,

I am so glad that your son has you to be beside him through this ordeal. He is very lucky in more ways than one. Be strong and keep positive thoughts going. I am praying for Ian.

We have missed you. Please keep us updated on Ian’s progress.

As Lance says, Unity is Strength, Information is Power, and Attitude is Everything.

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So sorry to hear of your son's accident. How terribly scary for all of you. He is in my prayers for a complete recovery and you too, mama Emily, that you do not get too stressed out over this (although I would freak out too). Please let us know how he continues to heal. I'm thinking of you as you are right, it could have been a lot worse. His Guardian Angel was protecting him.


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Fight for my love
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Oh,dear Emily,this news made me shocked.I am so sorry to hear that.I am praying for your son and hoping he is going to have a very quick recovery.Take care.

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I will keep you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.


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We are praying on the East Coast. I have an Ian as well.

Much love,


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Hi Emily,

So sorry to hear your son was injured - how scary for you. Same thing happened to a friend's husband a few years back and thankfully he is okay.

I am sending prayers, thoughts, etc. - good juju :-))) his way and yours too. Please take care of yourself too. Hope he will have a full and quick recovery.


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Emily, sorry to hear this news. I just said a prayer for you and your son.

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Hey Semi-colons,

Thank you all for your prayers and good juju. We made it through the night and he's doing well. We meet with an ENT next week. He's not as swollen as I figured he'd get--mostly scraped and shaken a bit. You can tell where the broken facial bones are if you look closely and his eye is blurry and "tired".

He feels like he's been hit by a truck--now literally.

It really could have been a whole lot worse so we are counting our blessings today and shuddering at the what-ifs from yesterday.

I am just so glad I was home to be here. We got back on Monday evening from being gone a month -- thank goodness. I didn't freak out when I got the call surprisingly enough but remained calm as he told me (while walking out of the emergency room) what happened. I was actually running with my training partner and had happened to put my cell phone in my fanny pack so it was good to have those happy endorphins pumping and someone beside me....any potential freak-out I pounded into the pavement. (my next triathlon is this Sunday--the Brewhouse--my Blue Wave Tri was a couple weeks ago).

So thanks for the prayers for Ian and me. I appreciate it very much.

Tomorrow is his birthday and I will be sticking to him like glue!

peace, emily

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I'm just getting a chance to read posts today, and I just seen your orgiinal message and was glad to see an update. I'll be praying for continued healing for Ian. I know it must have been very scary for you as a Mom!

Hug that boy and be very grateful!


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Sorry to hear about your son. He will be in my prayers tonight. Congrats on the Tri and good luck on the next one.


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Just sent up a prayer for Ian now...that's my nephew's name! Keep us posted on his progress because just like you said, head injuries are nothing to brush under the rug. I'm glad he will have another chance to take mom's advice on the helmet! UGH! I hate when our children have to learn the hard way!


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What a shock when I came across your post. I'm behind in posting this, but wanted to still pass along prayers, best wishes, and the good juju as you say and hope that your son Ian will continue to do nicely. Any kind of fall is very scary. Thank you for the updates...best wishes in your tri-athalon endeavors, sounds good.

Take care

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Oh, Emily, hopefully with the lateness of my post, everything will be better for your son. I am sending up prayers for you both.

Bike riding in Holland is a way of life. They have special lanes along each side of the road, and traffic lights especially for the bikers! It makes so much sense!!!

Hugs and prayers, Kathi

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How horrible and scary for this to happen to your boy, I know you must be strong though in coping with this, he'll be ok! With all our prayers coming from all these special people on this board, he will have a hopefulley a wonderful complete recovery, I will be praying for you and your family, and, yes, time to use those helmets! I hope he feels better soon!


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So very sorry to hear about your son's accident but so thankful that he was not hurt any worst than he was. Will keep him and you also in my prayers.

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Emily - I am so sorry. Glad he seems to be doing ok. I know exactly what this feels like as my daughter was in a similar accident when she was 16. Very scary! Sending good vibes to your family and hope you can get some sleep tonight.


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But thank God he is alive, and you can count with my prayers tonight and every night until you let us know he is home.

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I'm so sorry to read that your son was injured. I'm encouraged to read that you have things under control and that he is improving as I write this.

I'm sure this has been a most troubling time for you and hope you and your family find some solace soon.

Your enthusiastic upbeat posts always make me smile and I believe your resilience will get you though this tough time.


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Wow, so sorry Em.

I'm glad he is doing better today.

My prayers are with you and your family for a speedy and full recovery.

Love ya girlfriend.


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So sorry to hear your son got hit by a truck glad he is OK.
I wish hem a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow and my prayers are
with you.Take care and God Bless.Doris

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Glad to hear your son is do ok considering. i will keep you both in my prayers for healing and a speedy recovery.


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Paula G.
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He will be in my prayers as well as your family. Keep us posted. Love Paula G.

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Extra prayers for your son on the way,

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Sorry to hear about your son's accident...Glad he is recovering so well Sending good thoughts your way. Hoping he will continue to heal.

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Thanks y'all for all the prayers.

I got Ian some better pain meds (per my mother's request--I listen to my mama) since he was throwing up the loratabs and still having achy body headache pain. His face is a bit more swollen now, there's a big bruise under his eye (which is bloody in the corner) and you can really see where the cheek bone is smashed in and his jaw is out of whack. He slammed into the side of the truck and his face took the brunt of it.

I'm trying to come up with soft things to cook him for his birthday since he's having trouble chewing.

Ok, gotta go juice him now though. (of course!) HA!

Semi-colons are the best!

peace, emily

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Ice Cream lots of ice Cream!!!!

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I'm sorry to here about your son,I will say prayers him ,and good luck on your race.I hope he has a good birthday.

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Hi Emily,

I'm so sorry to hear about your son and glad that he's doing better. I'm sending positive energy your way and hope that he makes a speedy recovery!


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Hugs Em,don't worry mate he will be alright he is blessed with the best survival genes a person could get.Ron.

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Thanks friend.

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Just letting you know i'm sending good thoughts and prayers for Ian's quick recovery. That poor kid! What a horrible thing to happen.

Many hugs,

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Hi Em,
I'm not often on the boards, but I read your post with my heart in my throat; every mother's nightmare. I'm so glad to hear that Ian is OK; bones and bruises will heal, and he's lucky to have you to "mother" him. My baby turned 22 last week, off the grid doing conservation work in the Colorado Rockies; hard not to worry just a bit.
Sending many healing thoughts your way,
all the best,

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Hi judy,

Wow, off grid in the Rockies. I hear ya! My other son took off in March to hitchhike around out west and hop freight trains. Talk about worry.....I attribute EVERY single grey hair on my head to Duncan. We'd hear from him about every 3 weeks. He's home now momentarily, but those were tough months not knowing. He had a blast and wrote home some wonderful stories (met some real characters on his travels), but I did not rest easy until I'd hear from him.

Thanks for the thoughts. Mothers really get put through the wringer don't we?

peace, emily

tiny one
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Sorry to hear of your son's accident. I hope he's doing better. Yes, Mom's do get put through the wringer. We love our kids no matter what.

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Sorry to hear of your son's accident and prayers that his recovery/healing is going well.


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Hey Semis,

Ian will not have to have surgery but we still need to meet with an opthamologist (sp?) and a neurosurgeon which will be done at Mayo. But he's healing up nicely and no major bones broken that need fixing. YEA!

Thanks for all your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

I'm dealing with a strep infection in my foot. How weird is that?

peace, emily

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Glad he's healing up nicely!

And I had no idea you could get a strep infection in your foot???

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Hi Emily,

I'm glad to hear your son is healing well. I'll hope and pray that all goes well with the opthamologist and neurosurgeon.

I actually had a student a few years ago that had a strep infection in his blood, which started in a cut he had on his knee. Somehow, this boy spread it to a couple of other boys on his soccer team and they all ended up in the hospital for some time. In fact, my student was the worst off and was even in a coma for three weeks from the infection.

They all pulled through, but it was really scary for a while. He seemed a little "slower" when he returned back to class two months later- I'm sure due to the coma. The other two boys just dealt with the infection, which needed some major antibiotics and for quite a while.
I'll pray for you that your infection is nothing like this and will be cured quickly.

Take care,

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It was strep and not staph? I know the MARSA Staph is making its rounds through the athletic community but I had no idea that strep could land one in the hospital with a coma!

My doc initially thought I had the MRSA but after a culture it came back Strep A.

Thanks for the prayers!

peace, emily

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Hi again Emily,

I'm pretty sure it was actually strep, and not staph or MRSA. This was about 7 yrs ago- before all the staph and MRSA outbreaks. I remember being surprised that you could get strep in your blood, as I had never heard of such thing.

Take care of yourself!!!


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