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Semi-Colon Roll Call

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Hi Everyone,

Back in 2004/2005 when I was deep in the fight I remember a thread that everyone listed where they lived and being amazed at how many people actually read this board (there are many more lurkers than posters!!!).

I will start a new one with a little twist, stage and current status (in treatment, starting treatment, surgery scheduled, NED, etc). As a stage IV survivor I remember how I felt that there were so many others fighting and beating the beast and the stats were so WRONG!! I think it was Stacy that said "numbers are for Vegas" and we all know medical science does not understand nor can it measure internal fortitude.

For the "newbies" NED means No Evidence Of Disease. You have to be NED 5 years before the docs and insurance companies deem you cancer free.

I will start.....................

Dxed 2/04 stage IV (mets to liver and 1 lung), currenly NED 4 1/2 years, Greensboro, NC. USA


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Hi all,

Diagnosed with Stage 4 sigmoid colon cancer in September 2004 at the age of 48.
Have had 3 recurrences (liver, liver, lung)
NED since December 2007.
Testing next month.

Best to everyone!


P.S. Please come to the Colon Palooza in October 2009 in Key West. You are sure to have a great time.

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I was diagnosed in May 2008 at the age of 40 after experiencing just a few weeks of blood in my stools. I had a colonoscopy which found two polyps (non-malignant) and a mass of 2.5cm. I had an abdominal resection and hysterectomy and was found to have stage 1. I did have agressive features to my tumor, i.e. poorly differentiated and lymphovascular invasion, so I chose to do 6 months of FOLFOX. Scans were clean in Dec 08 and currently I am NED. Followup colonoscopy is in May so i will feel better when i find out if it is clean too.

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As another long time poster who doesn't post as much as I used to, I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer on March 17, 2003 at age 46. I have been NED since my surgery in 6/03. I had some bumps in the road initially, but am doing well now.

I live in central MA.

I am almost 6 years NED-----WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

To all the newbies, it does get better.


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So others can see how awesome we all are!!!!

This is a list of some very amazing people!!!!

Lisa P.

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Silicon Vally CA, Dxed 12/05 stage II, 2 large vicious looking tumors in ascending colon, HNPCC suspect. Surgery 2 days after X'mas and 6 months of chemo ensured in 2006. I hope to celebrate my 3 years NED this July.

Cancer survivorship showed me at once the fragility and the strength of life, and how much the love of your family and friends can make a difference.

Scouty - thanks so much for the roll call. Every answer says "Yes we can!".


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So good to hear that all is well; this has been a great post for calling up some old timers....no offense! I will be coming up on FIVE years NED this July; have my scans scheduled for next month....hope all is well for you and hubby. Any trips to Boston in the future?
All the best, Judy

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I just got done reading ALL of the responses!! Didn't take quite as long as i thought, and it was very enjoyable. I guess now it's my turn. I will TRY to make it brief!

Dx August 2, 2007 after two years of progressively worsening symptoms with stage IIIc rectal. 38 years old.
Blood transfusion in Sept. '07, then six weeks of 5FU fanny pack 24/7, and seven weeks (30 zaps) of radiation.

Cystitis and urinary blockage one week before last radiation zap from the radiation. Had a temp urinary catheter for three days, then finished the remaining radiation treatments.

Colon resection (half of rectum gone along with two feet of colon), and gallbladder removal January 9th, '08, another blood transfusion, eight days in the hospital, temp ileostomy. Radiation had killed the cancer in the tumor, and margins were clear.

In the hospital again in February '08 for an abdominal abscess, and dehydration. Diagnosed with non-sustained ventricular tachycardia while they tried to prep me for the abscess drainage procedure. Three more days in the hospital, but worth the dilaudid fixes.

Began FOLFOX 6 in March '08, had to skip last treatment due to bad neuropathy, and diagnosis of severe osteoporosis, degerative disc disease, arthritis, soft bones, and an insufficiency fracture in the sacrum from the radiation and chemo.

February '09, went in for the ileostomy reversal which had to be aborted during the surgery due to stricture. Dilated two times to 18mm. Not enough.

May 1st, 09, ileostomy reversal, dilation, and FINALLY a post-treatment colonoscopy scheduled. YIKES, THAT'S TWO DAYS AWAY!!!

There is a suspect lesion on my lung that my doctor is CT scanning every couple of months, so i'm not NED yet. :(

Many hugs to everyone!

Oh, born and raised in San Diego, California!

I have a wonderful idea for a similar thread! I will post it before i go under the knife!

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Dx July 2006; Stage II; Currently NED 2-1/2 yrs; Charles Town, WV (USA)

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Susan, Moose Pass, AK, Stage IV, NED 4 1/2 years! woot!

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hi all.
its been a while but i look in everyday.
dx 5/04 colon blocked, emergency surgery, stage 11 no nodes 6 months chemo. to date ned. looking towards the 5 year scan and scope this month. alot of bumps along the way. i found this wonderful site while i was in the hospital not knowing any thing about the beast we call cancer. this site and a positive attitude, faith in the man upstairs has gotten me here today. through the years we have had our disaggrements. we have cried and we have laughed but we have never stopped helping each other thru this journey.
i have upmost respect for all my brothers and sisters here.
we are all in this together!
be well
never,ever give up!!
from nj at the foot of the george washington bridge

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Stage 4 colon mets to liver resection on 5-14
Just starting folfox and avastan
Trying to shrink tumors to do a
needle ablation

Lawrenceville, Ga. near Mall of Ga.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Hi, Everybody...I'm Craig and live in Arlington, Texas...soon to be home of the Dallas Cowboys! We're in between Dallas and Fort Worth. I'm new to the board this month, BUT I'm not lurking....I'm posting and sharing. 67 posts in 14 days.

2001-2004 Period of bleeding in rectum, and multiple BMs per day, doctor ignored symptoms.
June 2004 - Colonoscopy confirmed colorectal cancer.Woke up during procedure and saw my tumor.
July 2004 - 1st port installed.
July-Aug 2004 - Began chemo and external radiation.
Oct 2004 - Bowel resection.
Nov 2004 - Staple broke loose from the resection, causing bleeding, removed.
Dec 2005 - Hemhorroidectomy.
Dec 2005 - 1st port removed.
Dec 2007 - Diagnosed with liver tumor. Metastatic colon to liver.
Dec 2007 - RFA, Radio Frequency Ablation. Plus seed markers placed in liver for later use.
Jan 2008 - CyberKnife Radio Surgery (3) to remove remants of liver tumor.
Mar 2008 - 2nd port installed.
Mar 2008 to Dec 2008 - Oxaliplatin / Xeloda / Avastin chemo regiment in progress.
Jun 2009 - 2 spots appeared on the pleura of my right lung. Metastatic from either colon/lung.
Jun 2009 - Switched oncologists; currently waiting on case review for next step.

Just completed my 5-year march today actually Jun2004-Jun2009. Beginning year 6.
Waiting on the review to be completed - possible thoractomy followed by post op chemo.


Julie 44
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Had colon surgery 9/18/200 with 10/19 lymph nodes positive ,stage 3
Chemo from 11/18/2008-4/22/2009
NED for 2 months now

I live in upstate NY..I saw shoppergal had gone to Monticello I live just 15 minuets from there near Wurtsboro...What a small world....

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Dxed 03/09 stage III – Rectal Cancer - (No tumor – one lymph node positive).
-Colon Resection Surgery – May 15, 2009
-Began first chemo today -June 23, 2009.
-Greenville, SC

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New Here: (I might have been here before but can't remember. I was on so many sites, reading everything I could looking for some sort of postive news. There is lots of news.

From Fort Worth Texas

Colonoscopy Feb. 08
Resection March 08 Diagnosed Stage IIIC with 6 of 28 lymphnodes postive.

12 Rounds of FolFox, last treatment Nov 08

Last CEA count .08 in March 09

I feel great and getting on with my life as fast as I can. I too am starting to lose some weight gained during chemo.

Next check up in July 09

Hey Sundance. I went to Texas Oncology on 13th Street, where did you go to and where are to going to? If you don't mind my asking. Thanks.

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Hi there Nesbitt

No, I don't mind. I've done my cancer treatments at the Arlington Cancer Center in Arlington, Texas the past 5 years.

I'm currently seeking a 2nd opinion over at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. I met a new onc there and they are reviewing my entire case history and am waiting on a phone call to meet them again.

I did have my bowel resection done at Charter Hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

Take care

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Thanks, I will interested in your opinion of the UT group compared to Arlington. We had a lady in our neighborhood who went to Arlington, she fought her stage 4 breast cancer for 7yrs, she had an original diagnoses of 2 to 3 yrs left. Her husband had only positive things to say about them and thought i should go to them for a consult. If my cancer comes back I may go somewhere else for a 2nd opinion. My surgery was at Baylor AllSaints in Fort Worth.

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Dx'ed May'08 stage 4 rectal cancer 1 met to liver
radiation chemo 28 tx
rectal surgery Sept 5 '08
liver resection Oct 23 '08 NED after surgery
adjuvant chemo Dec-May '09 (FOLFOX 10 tx)
still NED 6 weeks after end of chemo!

Lander, WY

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Hi am new here I was dx'd at the age of 34 I was having abdominal pains and didn't think anything of it cause I worked as a cna at a nursing home and lifted patients all day, then came the rectal bleeding I went to the er and they set me up with a general surgeon for a colonoscopy he did the scope 2/06 and found a large mass in the bend of the rectum and the sigmoid colon he sent me to morgantown,w.va for the surgery the doctor up there told me he was 99 percent sure it was cancer in 4/06 it was removed and dx'd stage 4 positive in 2 of 7 lymph took radiation and chemo after surgery every test since has been cancer free thanks can only be given to god and family who helped me through it all. My kids are the reason I have fought as hard as I have. I love them dearly and want to be here as long possible. Take care all.

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Dx 9/06 stage 4 liver mets and colon. 4 surgeries later ( 2 lung resections, 1 liver and 1 colon) and 6 months of Folfox I am waiting on my scan results. Last lung surgery for solitary met was 3/09 at Stanford.
I am a high school teacher in Buellton CA

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I was dx with colorectal cancer 2/08,and 3/08 started both chemo,and radiation,then surgery in 7/08.They removed stage 3 tumor,11 lymph nodes,and my apendix.I have a permanant colostomy bag,and 2/09 I did a catscan,and colonosocpy ,and was ned at that time.I go back and see the chemo dr. in august.My brother died in 1/08 of pancreatic cancer.I live in aurora,colorado

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Dear Scouty,

I have been away from the board for awhile, but wanted to check in with our famiy today after hearing about Farah. I saw your post and was so pleased to see SO many familar names and faces. Thank you for this!

I have been dancing with Ned for 4 years! Just had my 4 year check-up last month: CEA was undetectable and CT was all clear.

For those that don't know me, I was stage 3B with 6 out of 13 lymph nodes. I went on a clinical trial for Avastin...I did 6 months of Folfox with Avastin every other week for six months and then Avastin alone every other week for 6 months. Two years ago they thought it had spread to my lungs. They did surgery and took the nodules out and it turned out to be sarcoids not cancer. Phew!

In the last 4 years one son has gotten married (I now have two beautiful grandchildren) and one son graduated college and is now getting his masters at the National Theater Conservatory. My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last July and I have found my dream job. I am helping to organize a gubernatorial campaign in California and loving every minute. I am even starting to take off some of the 60 pounds I put on during treatment. Life Is Good!

God bless all of the semi colons. I keep you all in my prayers.


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I once lived in Ohio too and maybe someone should hire Erin Brockovich to do a study of all of the residual chemicals from Goodyear, General Tire, Goodrich, Firestone, Mohawk and any others that were once located up there!

Diagnosed 10/2006
Surgery 12/2006 Stage III, 1 positive lymph node
Radiation 1/2007...
Chemotherapy of Folfox 1/2007...
NED 2008 (at least I thought I was, had a CTScan in Oct. and the Radiologist MISSED the nodules in the lungs!)
Multiple mets to both lungs 1/2009
Currently on Folfiri and Avastin and in a clinical trial

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Live in Northern California now, but lived in Toledo for 4 years.....

Posts: 61
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Dx'd - Rectal Cancer, Stage III, May 2009
Currently in treatment - Chemo Pump/Radiation Daily
Surgery scheduled for September with 6 mo Chemo to follow;
Topeka KS

Fight for my love
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My hubby was diagnosed with rectal cancer stage II in May,2009.Currently he is in the treatment of chemo(5-FU) and radiation for six weeks before surgery.Whether more chemo or radiation needed depends on the pathology after the surgery.

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When I had my rectal cancer surgery Stage 2 or 3, they never knew for sure, the presurgical chemo/radiation had wiped out the cancer cells and the pathology was 'normal'.Whoopee was I glad. They recommended post surgical chemo ( Folfox) for 6 months As it turned out unfortunately even w/ all that treatment I had a metastesis to the lung a year later ( more surgery,and more post surgical chemo). I am now NED. Serrana

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Nana b
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Colorectal Surgery Nov 2008, Stage III., 7 lympnodes out of 28 affected, then moved to Stage IV, 2, lesions on the iiver, but when had 60% liver resetion found one other.

Started 5FU Chemo January 2009, had 6 treatments - shrunk lesions some
Stopped Chemo April 2009 for liver resction
Started Chemo June 2009 to finish last 6 treatments.

CEA count started at 150 after colorectal surgery, and now is at 2.

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Diag - 4/15/09
Surgery - 4/30/09..Removed 1 ft of colon and baseball size tumor
Stage 2 No lymph nodes
Currently in treatment:12 cycles of Oxaliplain/5FU, will be starting round 3 this week if I can get rid of a major blood clot from port. I had to have the port removed and on blood thinners. Getting 2nd option Wednesday, not happy with onc. I may have to stay in the hospital for treatment, don't want to go through the blood clot again.


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Dx'ed stage 3 rectal cancer feb 13, 09
completed 6 wks chemo/radiation
surgery 6/2/09
currently second stage of chemo, cycle 1 done this week, should be completed in oct.
Living in Iowa.

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and recently moved to Morristown, New Jersey from California.

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NED for 13 months

surgery was set for June 9, 2008 at Mayo in Rochester, MN
my bowel obstructed on June 7, in the middle of the night, on a Saturday, 90 miles from Rochester
after explaining to local ER doc that I have colon cancer, thought I was obstructed, in a OWIE lot of pain, surgery set in 2 days at Mayo- his response, "maybe an enema would help?" and "how about if we admit you for pain management?" I told him, "call my surgeon in Rochester, tell her you are pumping me full of morphine and transfering me to Mayo". He came back not 10 mins later, got my surgeon on the phone after 1 ring, she said to him and relayed to me, "DO NOT GIVE HER AN ENEMA, max her out on morphine and get her here ASAP" My response was DUH

By the time I got there, 3 sheets looped to the wind, it was 5am, the radiologist had been called in to read my xray up in the cities, I was indeed obstructed and just like a well oiled machine, Mayo and her well trained staff took over and I let them!

stage 3B
3/12 lymph nodes
no sign of any spreading
had to do a colostomy due to the emergency nature of surgery and no time to clean the colon out

First PET was 5 weeks later, right before starting chemo. Absolutely no sign of mets.

6 months of chemo, 3 hospitalizations due to wicked side effects

Colostomy take down Feb 2, 2009
coloscopy at that time was clear

Port out in March 2009

April 2009 CET marker was so low, didn't even register.

CT scan on June 24, 2009 was clear. 2 hernias showing up, one very large. Will visit with the surgeon at Mayo on July 14, 2009- expecting her to repair hernias on July 15th.

Struggling with the emotional aspects of this past year. Feels as though I am going through PTSD- trying to stay focused on today and the future, but have these flashes of intense memories- mostly how very sick I was on chemo.

Thanks for a place to write all of this down- keep thinking if I just keep writing about it maybe that will help.

Prayers for all of us!

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If you count NED from surgery then 15 months NED, if from end of chemo then 9 months NED.
4/4/08 -DX with a tumor in colon,
4/16/08 - surgery 15 inches removed along with appendix, 3 positive lymph nodes (3B)
5/20 - 10/22/08 - Chemo: FOLFOX 6 months/12 rounds
11/5/08 - Port removed
12/08 - CT CLEAR
5/09 - COlonoscopy CLEAR
6/09 - CT CLEAR

It seems like a lifetime ago. I have a new job, I am active, I am planning my nephews wedding, I am living MY life.

Thank God for this board.

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Dxed 4/08, stage 3 rectal, surgery 5/08, 12 rounds Folfox. Currently NED and dealing with C Diff Colitis and side effects of Oxliplatin and a pull in my incision.

I still dread every test and have about given up hope of ever having any kind of 'normal' bowel habits. It's just been one thing after another. I was always so healthy and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I don't post here as much as I would like to. Trying to keep up with work and the house is about all I can pull off. Been off for 4 days with the C Diff so finally got to come spend some time here. I too read more than I post.

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Hi pamysue, I was just curious as to what medication they are giving you for the c-diff. I think I had mentioned to you, in another post, that the docs thought I had that also. I am literally stuck in the bathroom. I have between 15 to 40 bms per day. 15 is a good day for me. I do get some breaks in between. Maybe and hour or two. Anyway, I purchased the vancomycin for $895.00 only to find out I do not have c-diff. They think I have radiation damage. Will be going for a colonoscopy this Wednesday to see what exactly is going on. I also dread tests and was also really healthy. I so relate. And yes, I read more than I post. I have been NED for 5 1/2 years and have dealt with so much bs. Blockages, surgeries. Oh boy. Give me a break! Did you have your stool sample tested? Did they put you on flagyl or vancomycin?

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where are u located pamysue?
i'm in new england - maine and also boston sometimes.
can identify with sick of being sick - feel lucky though many days, to be alive.
similar to your history (also stage 3 rectal);
dx first in december 2007, then all of 2008 in treatments;
i had chemo-radiation daily for six weeks early 2008, as first phase of treatments; then surgery; then chemo for four months plus some (three doses of oxalyplatin, then had to stop that and change things around); then reconnection surgery end of october 08;

2009 is whole "new" year for me still - trying to make it to five years and more! (letsee - that will be december 2012, though my husband counts from the end of tx, and i count from the start of it.
we can do this!

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Orange City Florida
Treated prior to Cancer development due to FAP, Colon completely removed, rerouted small intestine, have j-pouch, temp illeostomy in Jan '09. Awaiting reversal...

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Dxed 12/07 after scheduling my first colonoscopy as a 50th birthday present to myself. Surgery on 1/08 to remove 10 inches of the colon, no mets. Continue follow-up visits every 6 months and thank God every day for early detection. Houston, Texas HOOKEM HORNS

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New to this but...
Dxed 3/06 Stage IV
surgical resection and port next day (47 years old)
Descending colon tumor 8/16 lymph nodes and 13 or so liver mets.
Started with oxaliplatin - high fever and later found I had a broken port
Port replacement Irinitecan/ Avastin
Then Xeloda 5/5 2 weeks on one off
Changed back to Irinitecan/ Avastin 5FU with pump
reaction to 5FU pump
Being considered for SIRT therapy on Thursday.
Added Eribitux to chemo this week.
Getting the "acne like" rash ... any ideas?

Feeling good and hoping for good results from my newest treatments.

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This is a great thread - thanks for starting it scouty!! It is so wonderful and hopeful to see all you NEDs out there, and all you warriors going strong and living well!!!

My husband was dx 5/28/09 Stage IV colon cancer with over 11 mets to liver - told he was inoperable and cancer would take his life at first hospital.

Went to Cancer Center - Fox Chase in Philadelphia.
Colon resection 6/8/09 took approx 8 inches of sigmoid colon - tumor had perforated colon and attached itself to abdomen wall - all margins clean after surgery - took 26 lymph nodes and 12 were positive for cancer.

Started chemo 7/13/09 - 5FU, Oxaliplatin, Luecovorin - they will add Avastin next time. Plan is 12 treatments. Hoping that lesions on liver will shrink enough to make him a candidate for liver resection or other procedure to clean up liver.

We're in South Jersey - about 30 minutes south of Philly!

Thrilled to see all you survivors - thanks for sharing your stories!!!!


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dx 2/07 stage IV with mat in liver.
first round of chemo 5fu continuous infusion
1 month of radiation treatments
surgery to remove 18" of colon and liver tumor
12 chemo treatments of oxlaplatin w/ 5fu

2008 No sign of cancer

1-09 CEA markers indicate possible cancer return
CEA markers still rising
4-09 another surgery
CEA markers still rising
PET scan indicats only inflamation in the original cancer area where radiation damaged tissue

my question is
Do any of you have any experience with rising CEA markers? What does your doctor say?

Feel great,

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Right outside of Washington DC

Dx'd 9/08, Stage IV Rectal
4 cycles of neo adjuvant chemo
12/08 Liver resection (60% right lobe) with gall bladder removal
2/09 Low Anterior resection
8 cycles of adjuvant chemo, with 1 cycle remaining
PET scan scheduled for next week
then on to chemoradiation treatment

NED since 2/09, with questionable non active spot on liver and a couple on the lung that we are keeping an eye on.

Also mass in right breast that lit up on last scan is "probably benign", but breast cancer can't totally be ruled out, so that will be removed after chemo!

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Hi all!!! Stats....diagnosed with Stage III Rectal Cancer 9/18/2006. Presurgery chemo (5FU pump) and radiation. Bowel resection with permanent colostomy and elective hysterectomy 2/2007, followed by 4 months (FOLFOX) and Avastin. Small bowel obstruction and surgery in July 2007. Have been officially NED since September 2008. Latest colonoscopy in May clear (1 polyp removed). Life is moving on here in Memphis, TN


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Stage 3 rectal cancer. Dx on April 12 2009. Had 6 1/2 weeks of Radation and 5FU pump. Had surgery August 13 to remover tumor. Now going through my last round of chemo (I hope)

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DX'd 3/25/08 low rectal tumor golf ball size. Did 25 chemo/rad treatments ...Surgery July 15th 08 then 6 months 5fu/Oxal/Leucovorin...Permanent ostomy in sigmoid ...had inner spincter muscle , rectum removed and have ostomy at sigmoid. After post op chemo my first 3 mo checkup shows CEA less than one, NED, and colonoscopy done 9/3/09 showed no polyps at all and I am not to have another done for 2 years...Return for 6 month checkup 10/06/09...
Live in West Paducah Ky..........Also quit smoking cold turkey after 30 years 12/18/07...another beast conquered.......

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Just read my comment from April and thought I would update.
Have passed the one year mark in July for being cancer free;
had last scans in July, they were biphasic of chest, abdomen
and pelvic. Found non-cancerous spots: one on lung, one
on a kidney and an endometrial lining that was at the high
limit of thickness but still within normal range. Onc.
says nothing to worry about as long as not growing or
lighting up...plus we all have some spot or other in
us different places; next scans in October. So still
enjoying NED.


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Hello from Champaign, Illinois

I was diagnosed 10/27/2008 with a rectal cancer
Stage 3 with one lymph node involved
Had lower abdominal resection surgery 11/5/08
Started 15 rounds of radiation with 5FU pump Mon-Friday in December
Ended up in the hospital with severe dehyrdation & diarrhea the week of christmas
Dr. cut my chemo dose in half.
Started Folfox & 5FU pump for three days in February, finished last treatment June 3rd.

Have my year follow up colonscopy October 12th


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I live in the Northern Panhandle of WV - 18 miles due west of Pittsburgh, PA Airport...surgery was thought to be diverticulitis...abcess covered tumor on CT and Pet scan
Stage llb, 0/93 lymph, no mets,marginal edges clean 4 inches +, NED... - June 4, 2009....no symptoms prior to fever and left abdomin pain...currently being treated in Pittsburgh at Allegheny Hospital - mop-up treatment the Folfox route...finshed 4 tx, 4 more till radiation and then another 4 of chemo
2 children - 12 & 10, awesome supportive SUPERMAN husband
I work for the American Cancer Society -
Join Relay For Life in your community - we are among the 11 MILLION cancer survivors in the USA.....thanks to Research!

Posts: 453
Joined: Aug 2008

Hey Michelle. You are not too far from me. I live near the old Pittsburgh Airport. My surgeon is from AGH and awesome.Did Dave Medich happen to do your surgery? I did my treatments at Hillman but hear good things about AGH Cancer Center. Glad to hear that things are going well.



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