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Calling all Stage IV's



  • dmdwins
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    Wenchie said:

    Dawn, thanks for posting but just what exactly did your Nutritionist recommend? I try to get the 2 tsp. of turmeric down each day, I recently bought a Vita-Mix and have been blending all kinds of drinks and soups and including wheat grass in them and eating cabbage (yuck). I finally got an ok from United Healthcare for a biopsy so that I can start chemo AGAIN. I'd like to hear what you're eating! Thanks, Wenchie

    More details this time
    Hi Wenchie

    Here are some details about my diet-
    No sugar- there is sugar in soooo many things such as ketchup,canned veggies etc.
    No glutens (wheat)-This is even in soy sauce!!
    Stay hydrated- only drink purified water or herbal tea(may add stevia to sweeten)
    Lots of veggies - I stay away from corn and peas(sugar content) and white potatoes(high glycemic index)sweet potatoes ok
    Fruits -apples pears and berries are best (limit bananas and melons -sugar content)
    Raw non roasted nut and seeds
    grains-Brown rice,quinoa,oats(gluten free only can look at glutenfreeoats.com)buckwheat
    Proteins- organic eggs and organic meats on occasion
    Dairy - I limit mine to yogurt and hormone free chees or goat/sheep varieties of cheese like Feta
    Avoid caffeine
    Oils Extra virgin,unprocessed canola or Raw Flax
    Vinegar-Apple cider,rice or Balsamic
    Salt- real salt or dead sea salts
    Natural peanut butter
    NO white rice,pasta,breads etc.

    Those seem to be the important highlights that I can think of. There is a book from Patrick Quillan called Beating Cancer with Nutrition that is good and Kris Carr has a website crazysexycancertips.com that is also good

    I am learning new things each day and as I said I'm sure there are others that are more knowledeable and have been doing this much longer. Remember that this diet was with me in mind and may not be exactly the same for anyone.

    As far as juicing -I haven't done that yet but would love to get a Vita-mix and start.

    I sure hope this helps-I'd be happy to answer anything else I might be able to.Keep your spirits up!!! It was a bit challenging in the beginning since I am an Italian girl that loves to EAT and COOK but it gets easier.
    Good Luck
  • dmdwins
    dmdwins Member Posts: 450
    scouty said:

    Stage IV survivor 4/1/2 years very unconventionally!!!
    If you want more details you can read my web page here. Here is a brief recap.

    Dxed 02/04, went for 2nd opionion at a major cancer center (key to my survival in my mind) to find it was stage IV with mets to liver and one lung.

    My only "symptom" was a perforated colon followed by acute peritonitis and a 3 week hospital stay in late 2003. My cancer was missed then but found a few months later when I was only about 85%-90% back from the nasty infection. I started chemo 04/04 (surgery was not an option so it was folfox with avastin) and the tumors shrunk at first but then stagnated. The chemo was kicking my butt bigtime so I decided to take a break and try alternatives (alkaline diet, juicing, supplements, and lots of other things). My CEA went down and I ended up NED and having surgery to take down my colostomy.

    That was 01/06 and I am now at the 4 1/2 month NED mark (last chemo treatment). Last summer I had a few testing scares (new spot, elevated CEA?) and had to enforce positive energy on myself. After a weight gain from "instant menopause" I signed up for a running school and ran in a 5K 10 weeks later. I also signed up for ballroom and swing dance lessons. That plan worked as the tests ended up being no big deal and I have run in 2 more 5Ks including New Years Day!!!

    Today I had an MRI to check my left knee that I hurt originally running, it got better until I hurt it again in a dance lesson. I'm only bringing this up to let you know that the **** cells can be beat and life does settle down and almost become normal again. Notice I said almost!!!

    Lisa P.

    PS. If you want to learn more about diets etc, I found the book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillan invaluable. You can goggle chemical balance of foods for free if you want to learn more about an alkaline diet. DO NOT buy products!!!

    So glad to hear your success story

    I am so glad to hear of your success!! I am hopeful that my changes will help me obtain NED also.I definetly need to add the exercising. I would love any other suggestions you might have from what I am doing- See post "more details."
    Again, I can't tell you how happy I am that it has been 4 1/2 years!!!

    Take Care,