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Insurance for Young People

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Hi everyone,

I do not have cancer, but my Dad was dx stage IV colon cancer a few months ago. I've had a lot of GI issues, and I do not have insurance. I live in CA, but am not yet a resident. I lived in WA for a long time and am getting free birth control through the state. I'm a full time grad student, nonsmoker in my mid twenties, without any real diagnosed pre-existing conditions. Does anyone know about some kind of health insurance available for a person in my situation? I've heard of some different insurance options through the state, but since I no longer live in WA and am not yet a resident of CA, is there anything for me?

I'm worried that it will be a few years until I have insurance through my workplace, and I hate being scared that something bad will happen with my health and I won't be able to pay for it. I've already had a few health related problems come up when I needed to see a doctor and I seriously can't afford to be without insurance. I also can't afford paying $100 or more per month. I think many other young people are stuck between a rock and a hard place. HELP!

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You mentioned that you are a grad student, so it might be worth looking into your schools' insurance plan(s). Some schools have terrible insurance plans that don't cover anything, but some have decent insurance plans and you can get it subsidized through the school.
My old school had a terrible insurance plan that was exorbitantly expensive. I am a full-time PhD student now, and I have a great insurance plan- the graduate school provides a generous subsidy, so I only pay $49/semester. Part-time and professional students also get a significant subsidy. The plan is not great if you get a cold,but it has great coverage for major issues like cancer treatment or emergency care. I still have to go to the student health center first, but the school is affiliated with the number 3 teaching hospital in the US,and all the physicians are in the open network, so it is very easy to get a referral.
As I said, some schools have terrible insurance plans, but some offer very decent plans. It can't hurt to look into it. Worst case scenario, you'll waste 15-20 minutes of your time.

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I happened to be on a short-term insurance policy (also through Golden Rule) when I was diagnosed. They covered everything, but needless to say they didn't renew the policy when it expired. And then I had a "preexisting condition" and was denied for almost every policy out there. The state health risk pool was going to cost me $1000/month for crap coverage. I even considering forming a small company just to get guaranteed small group coverage but it was going to cost about $2000/month.

After months of searching, I found a large group policy through Homeland that was taking new members. It is a group policy so they can't deny preexisting conditions. It is $420/month for my husband, his 2 kids & myself with no deductible or copay. It's similar to a major medical policy in that surgery & hospital benefits are fantastic. However, the doctor's visits & scans are only partially covered. But if you ask your doctor, s/he can often refer you to places that charge less for scans.

Good luck!


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