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chemo fog

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my physician has started me on provigil 100mg.daily.this will help motervate me and get my head out of my chemo fog.just started.does anyone have any histors with this drug

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Hi Lizzy
Hope you are feeling good . I have the chemo brain but never took meds for it so can't help you with that . But just to give you a little hope you learn to laugh at it .
They had a big artical in the paper about chemo Brain ,untill I read that I thought it was the meds I was taking.
Hope you have a merry Christmas and beat all the chemo side affects .

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I beleave I have chemo fog, I am so forgetful, Does anyone else have this? I get so confused.

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Oh yes, My husband gets very forgetful, more so thatn before :) - I also work with a lady where her daygher went through very aggressive chemo for breast cancer and she was in the grocery store and someone she knew came up and they were talking. When she finished the conversation she walked out of the store, got to her car, felt something is just not right. Well she forgot her teenage son had gone to the restroom during the conversation she was having with her friend and she almost left him at the store. I hear this forgetfullness is quite common.
My husband writes everything down.
Good luck,

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It sure helps knowing that I am not alone with this, I guess I will start taking notes, Thank you so much for setting me at ease.

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