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Taxol and neuropathy

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Hello, I am a new member.
Can you help me with the pain I am having ?
It's needle like as soon as I touch my skin.
I have problems lying down as my back or my legs will touch the bed.
Standing it's under my fet and anyway very tired.
Am I the only one ?

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See your Doctor right away. NO THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Taxol only gave me a mild feeling of numbness and cold feet and fingers.

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Thanks CinciRick,
I called my Doctor, and he told me it's side effects of Taxol. Not every body gets them.

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I had the same problem with Taxol - DO TELL YOUR DOCTOR -some women are allergic to tax. I only had the tingling in my toes and fingers a couple of times, but I had the strangest pains in my legs and feet. I was already taking a daily Rx (nsaid) for arthritis and I had to take Vicodin on and off during the 12 weeks of Taxol. It went away within 2 or 3 weeks of completing my therapy. For me it was not something that excercise or OTC pain killers could fix.

Helpful Hint - If you're taking tax for breast cancer - post on the breast cancer discussion page (same with Ovarian). There are thousands of women on those pages and you'll get overwhelming response.

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