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Now the Dr. mentioned possible "cured"

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for the first time......First was my surgeon and today my oncologist said " if you get cured "...For those who have Dr's that don't give hope....look for a 2nd opinion...I know there's no guarantees, but it helps to hear from your Dr. that there is a chance...years ago there was none...( or very little)...just the words, help you to stay positive...For the ones that don't remember me I am stage IV....dx 1/01/05...recurrance last year and NED again....they can keep on prolonging my life...the cure is close...
Believe and God bless

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Thanks for sharing your good news. Music to our ears... the cure is close...
Blessings.. Rob

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Yes, we never give up hope. It certainly helps when our caregivers are positive about it as well. Keep up the good work.


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I'm glad you are NED and you are hearing such positive words from your doctors.

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Great news! There is always hope. I hope you're enjoying celebrating NED.

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That is good news! We all need optimistic doctors that can give us the hope to keep fighting. We all know the cure is near. Believe it!


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Don't you love good words like that!?! You just keep on keeping on!

"In the face of uncertainty, there is nothing wrong with hope."

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"Cure" is one of my ultimate FAVORITE 4-letter words!!!!!! (along with "SALE", "SAIL", "KIDS", "FREE", "LOVE", "SAFE", and "Kids go back to school in less than 2 weeks"~~oh, that's a few more than 4 letters, but I love them too! lol)

I am so happy you are sharing this news with us. It really means so much when folks who reach a milestone share it on this board. Support is an awesome thing!!

Hugs! (yet another terrific 4-letter word!)


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CURE!!! A word that I never thought would mean so much. As a newly diagnosed Stage IV you give us great hope. Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

Cheers to your continued good health!

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"the cure is close!" Music to my ears. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.
God bless,

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The "C" word we all love....CURE!

Always BELIEVE!!!



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