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Good news!

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Thank you all for your prayers...they have been answered! Got a clean CT scan and CEA has gone to 1.7! To re-cap, dx'd 7/06, sigmoid ca and had left hemi done for stage 3c. Found 16 of 20 nodes were cancerous. CT was clear. However MD noted CEA was 4.8 before and after surgery, so had Pet which showed 1.5 cm node in pelvis and surgeon decided to leave it for chemo to take care of......CEA did start to recede after chemo begun. Had folfox6 for 8 tx and had to go down to 25% of the dose for last 4 tx's due to decreased health. BUT here I am....meeting with NED and what an honor to meet him:) Next follow up in 3 months. Will continue to surf here and pray all goes well for you and yours. Thanks again for all your prayers and support. I know I'm not out of the woods yet and cancer sure has a strong hold in my family...but I can see the edge of the woods from here, and as I walk out, I'm sure I'm not leaving, a day sooner, than planned:)

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Great news! Thanks for letting us know. I will continue to pray for all of us. Jo Ann

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Wonderful news! I'm happy for you!!!

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Great news! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love to hear success stories! You continue to be in my prayers.

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Great news. Enjoy NED, and I'll continue to keep all on this board in my prayers. Keep surfing here and let us know how you are doing!!
God bless-

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I am so happy for you!! Enjoy life!

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Mine will be next week....please keep me in your prayers.....

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Excellent! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the joy with us.

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Great news. I'm so happy for you. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy NED !!

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SO very happy for you! Hope you are celebrating!

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Great news!!!

I am very happy for you!

God bless,


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Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes!

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