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a little nervous !!!!!!

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hey guys,
i am a litle nervous because i am going to hospital for my surgery in a couple of hours.
i guess it is normal, well i put everything in the man upstairs hands.
happy holidays to all the semi's
be well
never, ever give up !!!!

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Bruce, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Have a speedy recovery.


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A couple of hours to surgery and a post at 2am? Well at least you'll get some sleep during surgery:) Happy dreams and quick recovery.

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Here's to a speedy recovery.


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We just got the results of my husband's last scan. His liver looks worse than before but everything else is stable or improving. His original cea was 54 and now it is 21. His doctor is always so positive and he assured us that this was good, but he chaged his treatment. David was on avastin, 5-fu, oxaliplatin, and leucovorin. Now he is on avastin and camptosar. He wasn't sick with his prevoius treatments, just tired but the new treatment he got yesterday has already knocked him for a loop. This doen't feel like good news. Can someone who's been where we are now let me know what all this really means?

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Great attitude Bruce. NEVER EVER Give up. Give "out" not "up". It's ok to be nervous. You put it in the right place. God's hands (great hands) You may be a bit out of it, but Happy Holidays to you too. I will put you in my prayers.


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I pray that you make it through surgery with flying colors and off to a speedy recovery!

Surgery is never an easy thing (except when I got my port removed, I was so excited to be going in for surgery lol).

We'll see you when you get back!



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Hi Bruce,
Russell is right, you are in GREAT hands. We will be praying for a speedy recovery.

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Prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery

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