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So, what's the head count?

StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

Greetings, all.

Could everyone who plans on heading to Vegas for Colon Palooza II please respond to this message so I could get a head count? It's still not too late to make plans if you hadn't already done so...

DATES: October 25 to October 28

LOCATION: Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas

Two weeks away!

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

No-here. Sorry. But hey, it's my 44th birthday on the 25th. If you want another reason to drink, there ya go!!!


Posts: 205
Joined: Apr 2005

OH! How I wish that I could go to Vegas and meet you all, but even though I'm not that far away, I won't be there :-( but my heart will be there with you! I just know you're all going to have a good time! Have a toast to life! ~ Wanda

kerry's picture
Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003


My husband and I will be there!

A special note to all who can come to Vegas - there will be a suite for us all to get together, food and beverages provided for all....so get yourselves to Vegas.


Posts: 114
Joined: Mar 2004

You can count me and my wife in. Our flight arrives about 8:00pm Tuesday. We can't wait!!

kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Bwaaaaaa!...Nup..not me...but would have loved to meet you all. I am putting a video together from Jen and myself and hopefully it will get to the hotel in time. So we will be their......on tape at least. Hope you can find a vhs recorder and tv to play it on.
huggs, Ross and Jen

jsabol's picture
Posts: 1156
Joined: Dec 2003

Hi Stacy
and all the rest of you colonpalooza celebraters!
I'm sorry that I won't be able to join you all; hubby and I are going on a long anticipated trip to Italy, which was supposed to happen when I completed treatment, but I was really in no shape to do much at that point. So....I will miss meeting you all, and miss the chance to see Stacy and Sponger again (who was just plain Bob when I met him in L.A.)
Have a great time and take at least some pictures that you can post here.
Party on, Judy

Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Were In...

Andy & I will arrive in Las Vegas October 25th at 12:15pm...

Can't Wait

Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Stacy,

I'm counting down the days. See you on the 25th. One of my friends is coming with me and two women from my support group who have recently lost their husbands to cancer will be in Vegas at the same time.

See everyone soon,


littlejulie's picture
Posts: 311
Joined: Mar 2004

I'm coming!!! Me and 'my husband'. We will arrive on the 25th from Bora Bora...not sure what time though. See you soon!!!

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