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colon cancer bracelet???

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Is there a bracelet out there for colon cancer survivors? There sure are a lot of us. Arlene

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I found these thru the Colon Cancer Alliance .

I wear mine every day.

SpongeBob is trying to get a nice brown one with a white stripe going, but doesn't seem to have any takers. Gee...wonder why??


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I'd buy a brown one.....many of them actually. I like the idea of being realistic with our bootie cancer and it's relationship to poop.

Lisa P.

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You know, if you guys and gals are really serious about a brown and white one, they can be made. Even put the "SEMI-COLONS" or something else on it. I'd have to check prices, but I believe you have to order quite a bunch.


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I got my colonrectal cancer bracelet at my pharmacy. It is royal blue, and says "Colorectal cancer, preventable, treatable, beatable! I love it and my husband and I wear one everyday!

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That is the one from the colon cancer alliance.

Hope they didn't charge you too much. It's a buck on the web site.

Barb ( who wears her blue, and 2 yellows everyday)
( crypts, bloods, Mongolian tribal chiefs - watch out. NO ONE messes with a Semi-Colon! )

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How about a marbled-brown....??
(Too close to diarreha??? hah- yea, I'm a little twisted.)

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