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What can nurses do to better help you?

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I am an RN student and I would like to know what the nurses who care for you could do to better help you? I'm anxious to get your feedback! Please reply!

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Hi Kichell, 2 months out of a radical prostatectomy and do have several comments on ways to really help patients undergoing this surgery. Not to slight any cancer as all are devastating, and this is just MY feeling about this particular type of the desease. First off a cancer of the genetal type changes even the way one views his own existance. This is a little hard to discuss, even over cyber, but nothing works as you have known it to work over so many years. Incontinence is devastating, erectile problems are overwhelming and the loss of ejaculation ability is something no man can deal with by himself. While these things may only be temporary they are an emotional roller coaster ride for the patient going through these changes that he may or may not have been expecting. I found that I was NOT prepared for these things to happen---yes, I was nieve and somewhat ill propared for all the side effects that would take thier tolls on me emotionally. One is so focused on getting rid of the cancer that the side effects are a secondary concern and at best poorly addressed by the medical community. I was devastated to say the least, yes, maybe a bit impatient for a quick cure that I did not prepare myself or do enough research on my own, and, I found out after that my surgeon was not as comfortable discussing these issues with me as I would have hoped. Not to say that I don't have confidence in him, just that I needed to talk and felt he was not there for me. I strongly believe that someone needs to be at the side of all patients during the recovery feew days and available to answer the multitude of questions that will come up over the next several months of recovery when you have time to actually focus on the side effects that you come to realize. The knife takes care of the physical problem, the ear and tongue may be best suited to help with the emotional issues. They would porbably work much better than the hospital release forms one gets with the note that says "see you in 3 months for a recheck"

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Thank you so much for your insight. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. What you have said is so moving that I will tell my class and fellow employees what you have told me. Thank you. If you have any questions for me, I would be glad to answer them the best I can. Best wishes for you.

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Generally, doctors have no bed side manners. My radiation oncologist nurse besides taking heart pressure and etc.. prior to seeing the doctor did not rush off before or after. She stayed to talk, find out how things were going and how I was adapting. Takes time and most likely income from the practice if she took an additional 5 minutes more with each patient to be human but I found it also to be extremely helpful.

In fact, she knew as much or more what other patients experienced and advised me like a friend.

Unfortunately, you and your class will be asked to squeeze 10lbs of work into a 5lb shift. That is the reality of it. Just try to recognize that patient, any patient that may need the 5minutes and give it.
Good luck

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Hi Kitchell,
You sound like someone that would do well at the Mayo Clinc.It sounds like Jay-Jay has had a bad experiance , I may be wrong but maybe had he done his homework and gleaned the wealth of information that is available he would have been better prepared for this procedure instead of expecting the Dr. and other medical professionals to educate him.
I am at a loss in being able to understand what he ment about "loss of ejaculation ability is more than any man can deal with by himself"
I am speaking from my own experiance now-- you dont loose the ability--there is no differance in the male orgasim,the feelings and pulsations are the same there is just no seminal fluid! Not to be crude but like I told my wife--this is great! No more COLD wet spots on the sheets and oral sex has taken on a whole new light. You have to look for the positives.
Most Dr. dont have any bedside manner.Its not their fault and most people dont care that they and the nurses deal with pain and suffering day in and day out, they cant get emotionaly involved with every patient or they would wind up in the nut house--nobody could watch people hurt and die all the time and not affect them. You do the best you can and dont forget--they are somebodys mom , dad, sister or brother and try to give them SOME compassion.When the day comes that you cant then its time to get a new career.
I would suggest that you go to page 1 and read the reply that I wrote to Cybele-3/2/2004.I wrote her a very long letter outlining mush of what I felt and experianced during this ordeal.
Good luck with your education and again,look into the Mayo clinic. I spoke to many who worked there and they love it.

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