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radiation treatment

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my mom had radiation treatment for her nasal cancer, but now has a piece of skin in her ear missing. it won't grow back b/c of the radiation burn. Are there any burn centers that would graph skin on or something? The bone is exposed and slowly chunks of it keep falling out. Plus she has many ear infections in that ear and we are worried about the infection spreading to the bone.

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The most common condition treated at some Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centers is tissue injury caused by radiation therapy for cancer. Wound healing requires oxygen delivery to the injured tissues. Radiation damaged tissue has lost blood supply and is oxygen deprived. Chronic radiation complications result from scarring and narrowing of the blood vessels within the area which has received the treatment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides a better healing environment and leads to the growth of new blood vessels in a process called re-vascularization. It also fights infection by direct bacteriocidal effects. Using hyperbaric treatment protocols, "most" patients with chronic radiation injuries can be cured.

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I'm so glad I found you!! My son had radiation to his pelvic area which seems to be causing late long term side effects. My son had rhabdyomsarcoma which was in his pelvis he had chemo, radiation and a partial resection. He also had a pin put in his hip due to radiation damage. Lately he has been having problems with pain in his leg which is worst when walking. No one ever mention oxygen treatments to us before. I'll bring it up with his doc when we see him this week. If anyone has any advice on what to do or expierenced this sort of problem I would love to hear from you.

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