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Resonated With Me - Wanted To Share

woodstock99's picture
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Joined: May 2021

This resonated with me and thought I would share.  I thought there was an option to embed a link so you could just click on it but I guess you have to copy and paste to browser. Happy Tuesday. 


Posts: 65
Joined: Jan 2021

Thank You for recommending this article Woodstock 99.

I enjoyed the total honesty and humor of its' author. What a relief to me personally to affirm meditation, a positive attitude and yoga breathing may not cure my cancer. Treatment can cure my cancer but no guarantees. While the fore mentioned approaches have their own advatages, I am free to express my anger, fears and doubts without guilt or reproach. It is what it is to quote the motto of a fellow survivor. 

TeddyandBears_Mom's picture
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Joined: Jun 2015

Great article! Thanks for sharing.

I am the type that is positive most of the time. However, there were blue days during my treatments. I think we can all relate to this.

Love and Hugs,


cmb's picture
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Joined: Jan 2018

I would call myself pragmatic, versus being either an optimist or a pessimist. So while I hoped for a good outcome from treatment, I was realistic enough to know that the odds weren't in my favor. I tried to prepare myself for either outcome.

I never thought that "being positive" would cure my cancer, although it can probably make someone with cancer easier to live with. But since I live alone, I didn't have to worry about this.Smile

Thanks for sharing the article.

EZLiving66's picture
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Joined: Oct 2015

Great article!! I think the reason women look for the "magic cure" is that imparts some degree of control to the cancer patient. Sadly, there is very little control and that's a very scary place to be.



Dak82's picture
Posts: 92
Joined: Dec 2020

I've never thought just being positive could keep cancer from killing me. It has become a challenge to pull myself out of the dumps when I start slipping down that slope where I start imagining my world without me in it. "One day at a time" has been more valuable as a mantra. 

It was a funny article because certain elements we can all relate to.


Posts: 356
Joined: Feb 2004

I don't remember people telling me to be positive after my diagnosis, but they probably figured that there wasn't that much hope in the world!  The article brought back a lot of memories from the first few years after diagnosis.  I recall people asking, "how could you have cancer when you exercise so much and eat so well?  In my charming way, I would respond, "S**t happens."  Like the author, I remember the support group meetings, all the cancer books, the worrying, and the Ativan.  I laughed too because I passed along a number of those cancer books to those whose cancer diagnosis came after mine.  And those women probably felt about as thrilled to receive those books from me as the author did to get all the books people gave her.  I must admit to feeling a bit deprived that I never experienced the collage chapter.  In fact, I don't recall ever hearing the words "collage" and "cancer" together before.

Thanks for bringing this enjoyable article to our attention, woodstock99! 


Posts: 65
Joined: Jan 2021

I binge watched this TV series with Laura Linney about her cancer diagnosis (melanoma) and her crazy collection of friends and relatives. It was quite good, funny and touching.It was on for 4 Seasons. Someone within her circle made a photo collage for her on her bedroom ceiling. I remember thinking how cool an idea it was! I was very impressed. Later her son transfers it to a nursing home center ceiling for her and then back to the house. It had family pictures, fashion ads and a variety of her favorite memories and images. Funny how your post brought that back to me. 

BluebirdOne's picture
Posts: 475
Joined: Jul 2018

article first. Didn't mean to steal your thunder. Surprised


woodstock99's picture
Posts: 116
Joined: May 2021

No worries Denise.  No thunder stolen.  Great minds and all that.  

Posts: 28
Joined: Aug 2020

how refreshing to read from a survivor thank you so much

RainbowRita's picture
Posts: 51
Joined: May 2021

I too, didn't realize that Woodstock99 has posted the same article link and just checked it out last night as I haven't been "on the board" for a few days. All I can say is I'm so glad you guys thought to share it with the rest of us. :-) 

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