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Another 5 year scanner

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Hi Everyone, I never finished my last post when I was waiting to get my scans. This year was ultrasound and chest xray - all clear all clear. The doc gave me choice of continuing 12-month or 16-month checkup and scans at this point (we alternate CT and Ultrasound). I'm opting to keep the 12-month checkin as long as he (my surgeon/urologist/oncologist) and my insurance agree. This five year anniversary feels big, and I am paying attention as my fellow class of 2016 folks report in to the group. Stay as well as possible everyone and know how grateful I am for all of you. Take care ~

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Congratulations! Your story gives me hope that everything is going to be just fine....I am so happy this group is here.

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Congratulations JazzGirl. So happy for you for this big milestone!! 

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Congrats, Jazzgirl!! Hope you get to celebrate with a Guinness this weekend! Here's to many more years to come! 

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Congratulations!!! I pray for many more years of clean scans!

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So happy for you! 5 years is a big one!  You and so many others here give me hope and encourangement. 

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Very happy to hear ! Congrats!!!

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it's always nice to hear good news.  As those of us who attended a Cancer Support Group called ouselves, "Been there, done that." Mine began in 2006; I was just beginning to feel human 15 yrs ago.  With Stage 4 going into surgery, I already knew it had mets to the liver.  And they found positive nodes; and checked out my complaint about liver/gall bladder and removed said organ and the defective duct that drained bile to the stomach.

Many tests later these past years, I'll see my Onc. PA/Nurse in a couple of months and probably have a CT scan.  I don't think my Dr. would recognize me, as I haven't seen him for sevral years.

We're here in Oregon on the SW Coast where weather alternates between breezy and foggy and sometimes downright hot.  I'm "enjoying" working in my yard 4-5 hrs a day and after work sometimes; which has helped me lose some of the quarantine weight.

Take care, everyone.  

Air hugs and high 5's,


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And to Donna Lee, you give me such hope. Coincidentally, my wife and I and other relatives are spending a few days at Bandon - usually we go further north. Beautiful views Take care ~

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Posts: 203
Joined: Nov 2017

ok I duplicated my last post but don't know how to delete - so I'll just say thanks again to all of you!

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Congratulation on your mile stone it gives me hope

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