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I just "graduated" to a cancer survivorship program!

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As a quick reminder, when I had baseline scans right after my diagnosis back in 2016, they found a spot on my thyroid.  Turns out I had another primary--papillary thyroid cancer, which led to a full thyroidectomy a month after my kidney surgery.  Today I had my 5 year US of my neck and met with my doctor to review bloodwork and ultrasound results.  Both continue to look excellent so they graduated me to the cancer survivor program.  In June I'll go in for my 5 year kidney scans.  Big milestones for me this year.  

Happy news that I wanted to share!  


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Bay Area Guy
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Great news Stub!  So we'll continue in lockstep since I was referred to a survivorship program also.  If this keeps up, people are gonna start to talk.

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I'd consider it good company to be mentioned with you, Bay!

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Happy for You 

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Great news, Stub! 

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Mighty Frog
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Hi! Stub! Well done... Congratulation and TQvm for sharing it with us...

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Congratulations Stub, so happy for you! Looking forward to your next graduation in June!

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congratulations stub I'm so happy for you

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats stub! 

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So happy for you!

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Im happy for you Stub.  Do you mind explaining what a cancer survivorship program is please?

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In a nutshell, it's kind of an outreach process for cancer patients that have made it to the 5 year mark and are at low-risk for reoccurrence.  My doctor explained this program was developed as a way for patients and doctors to "keep in touch" for a few years as patients transition to fewer scans.  



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big G
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This is great news that I would want to share to. Congrats on joining the survivor group.

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