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Here we go again (Update)

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Well hello my friends at CSN, 


I wanted to give an update, I was supposed to have surgery August 7th, but had to be rescheduled to Oct 2nd, thank you COVID...


This past Friday Oct 2nd I had my second partial nephrectomy, this time it was my left kidney.  I spent one night in the hospital, three nights in an Airbnb, and I flew home today.  Got the path report back today as well: (Clear Cell, 2.2cm, Grade 2) so now I've had chromophobe (2015 right kidney) and Clear Cell, yeah for me!


I was 43 years old when I had my first RPN done at MD Anderson.  Now I am 48 years old and just had my second RPN at the same institution and same doctor.  I had two completely different experiences.  This time was a cake walk compared to last time, and the first time wasn't all that bad, but this time, cake walk... 


Here's what I did back in 2015 to get ready, nothing… Sat around and worried, that was it.


Here is what I did differently this go around, I trained like I was getting ready to go onto the battlefield.  I started exercising 5 to 6 days a week, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or more a day.  This included cardio, weight training, core strengthening, and mediation.  I had 12 weeks to get ready for this surgery and it paid off in spades.  Anyone reading this please consider talking to your doctor about starting a program that will get you physically and mentally ready for surgery.






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Great idea! Thanks for this post!

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Good idea! 

I sat and worried too


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Wow - you got to be a member of both chromy and clear cell clubs. But well done, medic! Congrats on getting through! Hope you're recovering and healing up well! 

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Medic, good to hear that it was small and only Grade 2! You will definitely continue to be fine.

So this is not a recurrence, but a completely different cancer? Amazing... 

If I'm not mistaken you've had genetic testing done, haven't you? Was anything found?

Anyway, congrats on sucessfull surgery and NED again!


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Thank you

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Thanks for the update.  I know we all "beat the odds" getting kidney cancer, but with you having it in both kidneys and two different types is extraordinarily rare.  I can't remember, Medic, did you have genetic testing after your first bout with it?  If not, what did your doctor say about it after this round?

I'm glad you are doing well.  Let's hope this is the end of your RCC adventures!


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Thanks Stub!

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For my Neph in 2002 it was a 2 month wait.

Last December 30 I went to the ER with a stomach ache. I was told I would die if I did not get my Gallbladder out by the end of the year. Guess what I did New Year's Eve.The Surgeon came to visit me the next year (mourning) and told me it was her worst gallbladder of the year. Mine too.



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