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Grateful while grieving

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I had a friend diagnosed with Kidney Cancer three weeks ago, he has passed away. So quick! So hard to even grasp that he was suffering and now is gone. 

It just makes me so grateful for my life. It also makes me ask why? But I don't dwell on that, becasue I really don't know the answer, and nodbody else knows either. 

It also confirms my belief that one must live every day, every minute of life with as much joy as one can have. 

Just musing. 


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I am sorry for your loss.   These are tough issues.  We all deal more closely with the issue of mortality than the general population.  Each moment counts.

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I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing.  It's never easy no matter how long or short they suffered.  It still hurts.  May your friend RIP.


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Canadian Sandy
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Sorry for your loss Tru. It's always so hard when a friend leaves us. 

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I am so sorry for your loss.  

And what you said is something I think pretty much all of us feel - why me? - in connection with still being here when anyone passes away from this.  

And also like you said, we should try to live each day to the best we can.  I am not sure if I can express it properly, but generally I feel like I owe it to everyone else, for many reasons, who has gone through this and is not longer with us.  This includes trying to be as helpful and supportive to others who find themselves here, something which you do, hands down.

Virtual hugs my friend.

Tom M.
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So very sorry for the loss of your friend Tru.

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Goodness Tru,  What a shock!  Just know your friend would want you to always remember your friendship with a smile.  

And YES, Live each day like there's no tomorrow.

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I had aa cousin in his late eighties used to say " If when you wake up in the morning, and you know where you are and who you are, it is a magnificent day!! :

Real Tar Heel
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My condolences.

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For the loss of your friend.  Sudden, its hard to wrap your mind around. 
wishing you peace

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I am very sorry that your friend passed. Cancer is always difficult. Unfortuntely the feelings are always the same. From my experience from my grandparents and patients I just hope that your friend hat a peaceful death without pain, surrounded by the family. 

At the end we all hope for the best and live

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It is hard to hold both worlds... so very hard to hold the emotions of being grateful, while mourning the losses of our friends.  To be part of a community where our friends pass away quickly, over and over again.  


I am sending you love and hugs... and yes we must just live in the moment.  And see the beauty and light in the present.  Take care friend.

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