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elevated psa

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I maybe premature on joining this site. I have had psa checks for the last nine years. The psa has steadily gone up and I have had two biopsies with no signs of cancer and the dre is negative for lumps. The first biopsy was 12 cores and the second was 18 core all negative. The last mri showed a lesion and the pirad scale was a three. My psa now is at 12 which is up since July 2019 from 8.4 and I am scheduled for another mri on the 17th and the follow up on the 21st. I have no symptoms and have never had any infections or enlarged prostrate issues. Has anybody had this expierance and been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Prostrate cancer does not run in either side of my family. Thanks for any input good or bad. Not sure how to prepare myself.

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Yes, there have been similar cases to those of yours. Negative biopsy but positive MRI and a significant PSA level. You cannot rule your case as positive to cancer as much as rule it out. You just have to continue testing and be vigilant on the issue. Certain types of cancer (Gleason patterns 1, 2 and 3) can grow without forming a solid tumor that reach identifiable sizes in image studies (1cm in CT; 0.7 cm in MRI). These form sort of microscopic colonies that also easily escape being caught by a needle in the biopsy.

Treating without a due diagnosis is like throwing arrows in the dark. Enjoy life and be vigilant.



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Todd, Vasco is right (a universal thing).  The most you can do is demand regular PSA checks and biopsy when warranted.   My brother has been in a similiar situation:  PSA 11, digital exam negative.  His urologist did an MRI guided biopsy, entirely negative.  The doctor said he was shocked, and was certain it would come back with PCa.   Remain vigilant, but not obsessive.   

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Hi Todd,

Agree with the two men above, just need to keep up with the MRI's and biopsies hopefully nothing will show up.  Enjoy life in the mean time and don't let this worry you to death.

Dave 3+4

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Thanks for inputs! It eases my mind and I appreciate it!

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