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Update: Jan has passed

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Our dearest forum friend, JanJan, has arrived at the end of her beautiful life here on earth. 

She is at this time, slipping away, and I wouild like to ask you to pray for peace as she passes. She has already suffered so much through this journey, she deserves a peacefuil, painless end. 

I will keep you updated. 


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I haven't beewn on forums long, but read many of her encouraging posts- she was a strong fighter, that was clear- and an inspiration to many- Life can certainly be rogh soemtimes, but she handled it with grace judging by her posts- Her presence here will be sorely missed by many I'm sure- how coudl it not be? My prayer woudl be "Dear Lord, give Her a special message from everyone that we miss her, she was certainly an inspiration to many here"

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Each time my husband hits a bump I tell him about Jan; that there is someone who suffered terribly but came back swinging.  She went through so much yet gave so much to so many of us, she probably had no idea. I came on the board tonight after not being on for awhile, to look to contact her. I hope she is at peace. Mary

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I Hope Jan knew the effect she had on others. 

I haven't been on the group for all that long but each of her posts made an impact on me.  
Her resilience and persistence is an inspiration. I always felt that if she could keep marching,so could I.
I feel lucky for having "known" her.



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I don't come aroung much anymore.  Seeing this truly breaks my heart.  Jan was incredibly kind to me in regards to my wife's journey. So supportive and kind in every sense of the words.  I know she is in a better place and at peace.  She will be missed.

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Almost sorry I came in today. Sitting in a restaurant crying. I know its part of the disease but it never gets easier to hear this. She was a lovely, caring person and the world is missing out without her. 

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Since I started reading this forum, JanJan was an example for me. She was always kind and keen to help e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Even passing through some though times, she always kept a positive behaviour and could pass on some energy to others - even if herself was not ok.

Her passing made me (and still makes me) very sad.

I think we need to follow her example: live the best way we can, help people as much as we can and always keep a positive atitude.

We will miss you A LOT, JanJan

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I do not sign on often anymore either - everyone gets that.  Well I was thinking about CSN for the last few days and signed in today.

My heart sank when reading this. Jan was lovely and commented on my posts often always positive and happy.  

What makes me very sad is how young she looks in those pictures.  And the picture with the mountains in the background make her look like an angel.  That's when tears started rolling down my face.

May she rest in peace.

Tom M.
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Thank you Tru for letting me know about this. So many ups and downs. JanJan will forever be one of my heroes. God be with you.

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Capox Dude
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She went through so much.  I know she is at peace. 


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