Meditations and hllasunations

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Sorry, can t spell the second word...... I have never been heavily into meditations but needs to admit I tried it years ago for a while. I know many people practice it on this board. I know my post can come as a very strange one. Years ago when I did it I found it hard because I could get some nice peasful image but then realize it is not reality.several months ago before I would fall asleep but still definitely be awake I would see and hear very clearly it is like watching a movie on TV. It definitely were not dreams. A few days ago I got a massage for my muscle issue. It was a very nice relaxing environment with a relaxing Native American music on background. I was not asleep. I suddenly saw myself being late 60s or so and I am much younger living in a small house that more looks like a shek With a very small yard. It was a tropical climate and it was not far away from the nice beach. I believe it was overseas possibly some Costa Rico. I knew my father was dead but thought he would live very much this view. I never had any retirement plans. I was too young even for a brief period of time I entertained an idea to retire overseas. It was too real for me. I saw a couple who were Americans or Canadies living a couple of houses away. When I got back to my normal mental state .  I realized it won t be a reality because all facts clearly show that I won t make that far in terms of my age. I saw my future life many years from now. when I went to a normal stage it was almost a panic attack that shortly after it produced a clear solid stage of anxiety. I saw it very clear and for me it felt a real future life snap ****. Thoughts? Butt. 


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    My thoughts

    What is wrong in believing that you WILL make it?  What do you have to lose? 

    My thoughts are, believe that you WILL make it. That you will see your late 60's. And then, if you die tomorrow, then you will die and thats that. 

    While I have known many members here, who firmly believed they would live many years, and didn't; there are also many here who are living. Why?  While I am surving beyond the odds, I wonder, was it the just the treatment and surgeries that got me here, or is it my positive attitude? Was it my prayers or others prayers? Is it just dumb luck?  Proabbly a bit of everything, I don't know, I just live and am thankful every extra day I have.   

    As for the meditation experience; take from that what you will. It is your vision, you either run with it, or pack it away and forget about it.  Will it come to fruition just as you see it in you head? Probably not, but there is a message in that vision for you, and only you can really interpret it. 

    Guided imagery saved my bacon when I was going through chemo, and that led to meditation.  I experience peace, joy and complete calmness. 

    I wish you the best as you search out your own joy, and as you go forward with your treatment.  



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    Next or previous

    I love this. Who knows what you saw... It could be a previous or a next. Either way you have no control. What will be will be. 

    Me? I'm counting on maybe you saw a glimpse of your next life. Maybe you saw the edge of the next experience. 

    I hope it turns out to be good.

    Or it could be nothing at all. I'm sorry this upset you. Sending love and strength.