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I'm back and still fighting



  • JanJan63
    JanJan63 Member Posts: 2,478

    Glad your back

    It is great so see you back on here again.  I know we all missed you.

    I took a break for a while also.  My onc decided NOT to continue lifelong chemo since I was doing so well and my scans were all clear.  My last maintenance chemo was last September and things looked great for several months even though my fatigue hasn't gotten any better.  I had a follow-up PET done in January and another lymph node lit up near my lung.  They say it is too small to biopsy right now and we will just monitor things for a few months.  My CEA had climbed just a little but was still in the normal range.  To be honest, I am not looking forward to my April follow-up for fear that the cancer is back for the fourth time.  My wife of course is not handling things well (as usual) but we will just make the best of our time between now and then and pray that everything is okay.


    I understand that biopsies aren't encouraged due to possible spread of cancer cells. I know my onc will not do it. 

    I hope you get rid of the little bugger. We must have lymph nodes all over the place, hey? What the heck are they for, anyway?