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MMMT complications (met @ bone)

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Hello everyone. 

I'm keeping this short for now because I'm currently emotionally overwhelmed by my mother's diagnosis. But hello -- I am a new member of this board. 

My mother was recently diagnosed with stage 3c MMMT, grade 3. Had total hysterectomy and we were told that it had spread to 3-4 lymph nodes (all affected parts removed), but omentum and other organs were unaffected.
Today however during a follow-up visit to the doctor after 2 chemo injections (carboplatin + placi...something. all this medicine naming is beyond me right now) we were told that there was a tumor (3cm) growing in her pelvic bone.

I waited for my mother to leave the room and the doctor elaborated saying that her cancer is not curable, left her with about an average of 1 year's time left...I am blanking out. I don't know how to tell her this. We were already dealing with her breast cancer, then this MMMT came, and now to have this news that it'll be fatal now...

I guess I'm trying to ask for help; should I prepare myself now that I know that it can "only be controlled, not treated"? Is this actually the truth?? Has anyone been diagnosed with this complicated sickness before? Or known anyone with this? 


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hi, this doctor is the gynaecology department head, or at least from what i understand she is at the helm of all gynae-related cases, including cancer treatments. i feared that transferring my mother's case to another less-experienced doctor would make matters worse, and while she is fine now she is still proceeding with her current chemo cycles ( we are in singapore ) and i don't think traveling is an option...

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Sometimes less experienced doctors are a better option than the best and most-experienced because they might not have such a high opinion of themselves and thus are better communicators and not so quick to write their patients off.

They are also perhaps more up to date in their education and are not so set in doing things the way they have always done. They know they have more to learn.

The best doctors I've had were always the ones who had no problem admitting when they didn't know the answer but would go and find out for me. Sometime's they weren't even doctors, but rather their assistants and I always had a lot more respect and trust in them for being so honest. I'm more suspicious of those who are experts and think they are the final word. Medicine just doesn't work that way.

Go ahead and get second opinions from or change to a less experienced doctor. You really can't do any worse than a doctor who wants to write your mother off.

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I like what you said and i beliwve its true. I picked my radiation doctor partly because he listened to me and cared what i thought. He was a new doctor. After treatment was done and about 6 months later i wanted a ct scan. None of my doctors recimended it but when i asked him he was willing. I needed that at the time. I really like the assistance at the oncologist office. They are willingvto find out answers they dont know. They are willing to tell me they dont know.  That is really important.

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My mother was diagnosed in January 2016 with stage 4, serous (mixed with clear cell), uterine cancer. At the time of diagnosis she had 3 lesions in her spine plus lesions in her rib and femur. She too was given a prognosis of 1 year. Even though she's nearly 80 and is currently battling a recurrence, she is here and doing well. I believe that her strict vegan type diet (avoiding dairy, meat and any form of sugar), taking 25+ supplements and 1,700 mg Metformin (thanks to Takingcontrol58) combined with her conventional treatments (chemotherapy, Xgeva and Herceptin) has extended her life. We're currently studying additional cancer fighting off-label drugs to add to her regimen. Wynterpeak I sent you a CSN Email with more details. Best wishes to everyone.

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I agree with derMaus, or, you have to have a "come to Jesus" with that doctor.  Your mother should direct her care.  You may need to advocate for that.  Dear daughter, your mother is lucky to have you.  You will not regret fighting for her wishes.  


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