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One year down...

LMCRJB13's picture
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Joined: Oct 2017

It was one year ago today that I heard the words - "you likely have kidney cancer - in each kidney."  The immediate days after that were all a blur.  Luckily, I found this site which brought some hope and a lot of perspective. 

I learned through my own research that there was a highly regarded, NCI/NIH trained urologic oncologist at the local cancer center here in Syracuse, NY.  For his seven year fellowship at NCI all he did was treat kidney cancer patients.  I emailed him and he replied the next morning and got me in that same day.  That was a relief.

Several scans, two surgeries, genetic testing and further scans made for quite the ride.  A year later, I'm NED and finally getting back into a fitness routine...ran two continuous miles last night for the first time in a year!  I felt proud.  I was running at least 3.5 miles prior.  Slowly but surely, I’ll get back there.

I thank you all for the support, knowledge and wisdom.  Together, we've got this!

Have an awesome weekend – get out there and do something fun!



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Joined: Feb 2012

Congrats on the first year down and hope for many more!  Good to hear the fitness is getting back on track.  I went out and hiked Mt Moriah in Nh last weekend, practically liked to kill me...figuratively not literally!  

LMCRJB13's picture
Posts: 84
Joined: Oct 2017

Thanks a lot, man.  There will definitely be some hiking in my near future.  The Adirondacks are fairly close to me...love being out there.

As for this weekend...tailgating, football and a few barley pops.


cboone75's picture
Posts: 43
Joined: Feb 2012

We are workign on New Hampshires 48 4000 footers...this past weekend was my half way point and I am determined to finish the list.  I want to get over to NY to get into the Adirondacks...looks awesome over there.  

Kids soccer tonight and tomorrow for me, then kick back and watch some football on Sunday.  Enjoy!

icemantoo's picture
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You sre just getting started.





stub1969's picture
Posts: 931
Joined: Jul 2016

Keep pounding those miles, Ryan.  Soon you'll be ready for another 5k.  Wishing you all the best, my friend.

Take care,



CRashster's picture
Posts: 241
Joined: Mar 2017

Hey hikers! I get to the Smoky Mountains as often as I can. Even been on the AT for a couple nights.

APny's picture
Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

So happy for your good news! Uncle Ned seems to have been busy this month :)

daisybud's picture
Posts: 521
Joined: Jan 2016

I love hearing the neds news too!


JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

Congrats on getting back in the groove of a fitness routine. It's been hard for me to reboot, but this is a great time of year to restart. 

Posts: 28
Joined: Aug 2018

on your successful forward path. It's been 6 weeks since my partial. I've been walking a lot and have returned to the ellipticaL. Not cleared for running yet but can't wait as that is the best rush. It's awesome to hear about your progress. Cheers.

JoeyZ's picture
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Joined: Mar 2018

Thanks for your great, inspiring message, Ryan. You bring hope to us all. I sure do hope also that this is just your new beginning, and you have decades of great years ahead of you.

Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

You had a very very tough 12 months

hope you can a few more decent miles on the old legs going over winter

peace and love


lobbyist0724's picture
Posts: 471
Joined: Sep 2016

Glad to hear that you are pretty much recovered. I was told exercise could be the only non-treatment method to prevent recurrent, keep it up!

LMCRJB13's picture
Posts: 84
Joined: Oct 2017

Many thanks to all!  Step by step, day by day - with some fun along the way.

Have an awesome Wednesday!


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Thanks for sharing the good news


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