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Going to surgery

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Joined: Jun 2018

in a few hours and feeling so anxious and scared. I had what I think is a panic attack while taking a shower a couple hours back. I have never had an attack before, though I do suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. It felt like a desperate feeling of impending terror and I could not breathe completely. I have been stoic so far about the whole diagnosis but I am slowly but surely digesting the whole processEmbarassed

Please, think about me ladies!

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Right before surgery, a friend suggested I repeat these phrases to myself.  It really calmed me.  I hope it will help you  


I am safe

I am protected

I am strong

I am surrounded by love

Good luck.  Our thoughts will be with you. 

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Joined: Dec 2013

Sending all positive thoughts for surgery and recovery.  Let us know how you are doing.  



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May all go smoothly this morning. I really like what CheeseQueen57 said.

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and I hope you get the best news possible. Heal well. 

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Kathy G.
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You will come through this and discover strength within you that you never knew you had!


And you will know exactly what you're up against...I think we all hate dealing with the unknown.

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Right before surgery is a scary time but you will do great!  Prayers being sent!

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I hope your recovery goes well. One major milestone to bring without evidence of disease is now behind you! 

Peace and light, 



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Prayers for you and yours!

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Joined: Jun 2018

Thank you so much my dear ladiesLaughing
I finally had my operation yesterday. I had DaVinci robotic only. They decided not to repair the hernia. They said that it did not look so bad after all. I came this afternoon back home. Now I have to wait for the pathology reportEmbarassed
Keep in touch!

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Whew. That step on your path is complete. Rest well Pato. As my nurse told me, you get this one chance to recover from surgery. Use it wisely. Take God care.

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Sounds like it went well :) Take it easy!

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I also had the DaVinci robotic surgery and felt pretty good about 3 days out. The ride home was a killer due to my gas-bloated abdomen. Every bump in the road was horrible! Hopefully you will heal quickly and will do well throughout treatment.

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I had to be reminded constantly that I FEEL better than I AM right after surgery!  Obey those lifting restrictions and rest a lot!  The biggest of your incisions are inside and you must be kind to them!

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Sending all positive thoughts for surgery and recovery

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