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Did I Cause This?

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Hi all! Quick question... Almost 6 mths post radical and my creatinine keeps going up and my eGFR down. I have had 3 blood tests. Things were improving on the 2nd one, but now are worse as of yesterday. Here are the results:

Dec 21 - Creatinine 130 gfr 45

Feb 15 - Creatinine 127 gfr 46

Apr 27 - Creatinine 139 gfr 41

Is it my diet maybe or is this normal? Thanks xoxo

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I'm not as far along as you, but my eGFR levels went up then back down.  I'm beginning to wonder about other CKD, which concerns the hell out of me with only one kidney.



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Do you see a nephrologist? My husbands gfr is down to 30. Stage 3 ckd. Apparently the kidney with cancer was the better one. The one he is left with has had many kidney stones and lithotripsy over the years. Nephrologist keeping close eye, says he will be OK.  One day at a time. No special diet yet, but I try to keep eye on sodium, potassium and protein in our meals. I don’t think you cause this unless your diet is poor, just the function remaining in your kidney. The Dr. warned of the possibility of dialysis somewhere along the line before he had nephrectomy. 



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I would also see a Nephrologist with those numbers.




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Drink at least 3 liters of water every day

Watch calcium  and high protein content in food everyday

This should bring down creatinine


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My eGFR is never good, usaully 40s. Mine before surgery was only 45, after surgery 22. It now seems to stay between 35 and 45. I wish I had the answer. I know it can change day to day. Stay hydrated, watch your BP.

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Mighty Frog
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Hi! AnnissaP!

What kind of diet are you going through ? As the general rules are limit on sodium and protein intake. There are some researches on fish oil ( Omega 3) might can help.




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Hi Annissa,

eGFR is estimated and not very accurate. I googled eGFR error range and learned that the eGFR can be +/- 30% of the properly measured GFR.

So your kidney function might not have changed at all between those tests.

My three eGFR results so far are 66, 56 and 61.

I had an MRI the other day and they checked my eGFR while I waited, though I think it was a less accurate test. The result was 77 which seems too high but it still made me feel good.

I don't think kidney damage is reversible though Todd said his eGFR improved when he lost weight.

One big kidney killer is high blood sugar. Kidney damage is a very common complication of diabetes. This knowledge might influence our dietary decisions.


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My creatinine is usually in the 1.31 - 1.39 range, though it has been much higher at times. eGFR will go up as creatinine go down. I beieve the post-neph normal range high point is 1.30, with below that being normal until you hit the bottom number - not sure what that is, as I've been lucky to keep it in the 1.3s. The better you hydrate, the more likely the creatinine will lower.


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