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1st Follow Up

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So....my first follow-up appointment is this Thursday! I had my scans and bloodwork last month, but don't see the oncologist until this week. I am not nervous, but not looking forward to it. I guess it is because it is just a reminder of all that has happened. The dreaded "we found something call", all of the appointments, the surgery, healing and diagnosis. However, I do have some interesting news!! My son and I dance together and have went viral!! Over 27 million views on Facebook and a ton on Instagram and Twitter. So...if you are feeling down or bored give us a look!!!! Our Instagram pages are @kingswaii and @momma_swaii. There is life during and after cancer. Don't give up. There is so much to learn and so much to live. Much love and encouragement to all of you xoxo.

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Beautiful attitude. I will watch the video.  Many blessings to you

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I watched most of them. You rock! What a great relationship you have with your son. That's wonderful :)

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How cool!  I actually saw the video on my FB page this morning - had no idea it was YOU!  You two are awesome!  If I can find who originally posted it, I'll share it and get you some more viral-ness.

Good luck with all of your appointments - I'm sure you'll come out just fine.  Today is the one month post surgery mark for me, so I'm not far behind.

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i saw it this weekend and didn’t know. You look great.

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you are both amazing

Didn't know you were that fit

looks like you are a celeb


Good Luck on the  results

what scans did you go



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Saw that! Such a small world.


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Awesome dancing 'Nissa! You deserve to be very proud of your relationship with your son. FLY

If that is the level of activity you expect to perform at, no wonder it has seemed like some of your recovery has been troublesome. Most of us couldn't do that if we trained professionally.

You are both AMAZING!

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Ahaha. You are sooo right. It is very hard for me to rest. On top of the dancing I lift weights and run. I can't help it lol. I am my own worst enemy at times. Much love and respect my friend xoxo

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Whaaaaat??? Ya'll got it going on. How awesome. I hit follow on your Instagram. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Good dancing. You look great together.

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You two are amazing and that tells me attitude can change our lives!

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Thank you all!!! You have been an amazing encouragement and support. I just want to give some back xoxo

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You're awesome!!  Loved it!

Donna~  Best wishes with your appt.

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Wishng you the best on your results!!!

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Wow.  When did you say your sugery was?  Those videos made after that?  Amazing that you are in that kind of shape and spirits.  Good for you!  Keep it up.  That kind of thing inspires lots of people.  It did me.  Smile

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I guess i need to look for this video!!  Prayers for good results!

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Inspirational steps you two look great

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So cool!

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Joined: Nov 2016

I love your attitude and take so much encouragement from you! I will look for the dancing clip...

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Joined: Nov 2017

I finally got to watch your dancing - is that since your surgery??  My little kidney hasn't liked the bouncy stuff but now I want to learn some new steps!  Thanks for lifting my day - I'll be watching it again and again.  PS your son's pretty awesome also...

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...simply awesome!  Continued strengh and encouragement, Annissa!  You're right, there is life during and after cancer.

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Joined: Dec 2012

Thanks for posting. Really enjoyed your video! Man your son is a good looking kid! And you guys can dance!


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Awesome video, your inspirational to have a better attitude, your in great shape. 

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I finally got to check it out. You two are great together. I'm amazed at how much you're able to do so soon after your surgery. Very impressive and quite inspirational!

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Well, I watched the first one, then the second and before you know it I watched several of your dance videos.  I really enjoyed them!  Thanks for putting a smile on my face!


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You such a good dancer, so is your son. You two are great together.

Wishing you the best on your follow up

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