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Remission in Stage IV is long term possible?

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Does anyone know how long someone in Stage IV can go into remission? Is there any people that go into remission for years?

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A coworker is back in the office after taking short-term disability for a few months. He has a lung tumor and is taking a targeted chemo drug which originally shrunk the tumor but the tumor is now stable in size. So he has to stay on this medication until a better medication comes along to kill the rest of the tumor or until a procedure comes along that can remove it. The benefit of the targeted therapy is that the drug only targets the tumor cells, not all cells. Traditional chemo is nuclear in that it attacks the cell replication process which is what kills your RBCs and WBCs and gives you the general tiredness.

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Why not always use targeted chemo then?

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Targeted is not available for most kinds of colorectal cancer. I think that this area will improve a little in a few years and a lot in ten years. But for now, we mainly have conventional chemo for colorectal cancer.

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The docs told me I wouldn't see my 33rd Bday and I'm 37, 38 in Febuary...there's always hope. Always...no matter what happens now..NED forever or recurrence, I feel loke I've won. I'll never be sorry I experienced this fight. C'mon immunotherapy! 

Tom M.
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I love reading all your positive comments. My journey began February of this year. Had colon resection done and I am now doing the chemo treatments. I'm stage 4 and I really want to remain upbeat through all of this.

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You keep upbeat. There are many of us who are surviving the big 4 and you can come and join us. 

Why not start your own thread on the home page. Here is the link https://csn.cancer.org/forum/128

There are many of us here, and we're all ready and willing to help you along in your journey.


Tom M.
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Thank you Tru. I look forward to hearing all the wonderful things from all here. God bless you.

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I used to be crazy active on this board along with many great people I met on here.  Many of us are still around, enjoying life and not really visiting here on the boards like we used to.  I was dx Oct 3, 2001 with stage 4, liver mets and have been clear ever since my 10 hr surgery in Jan 2002.  Miracles happen, we just need to fight the best fight we can. Just remind yourself every day is one day closer to healthy! 

Have a fabulous day!!! 




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Yup my friend is now at the two year mark. No spots or anything. 


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