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Bad news yesterday

Sslee723 Member Posts: 54

so yesterday was my 29 th wedding anniversary and isle t it in the emergency room.  I have been having pain in the right side of my chest and abdomen and finally after 2 days no sleep I went to ER.  Well 8 hrs later a scared to death PA came in room to tell me that my cancer has spread more.  It was probably what was causing all my pain. That I had to follow up today with my oncologist first thing in the morning.  So here it is at 2:37 am,  can not sleep again because I've been up with diaharea.  This disease is getting very stressful to me and my spouse who is always there for me.  I do not know what dr could possibly change me to.  From 800 mg votrient to 60 mg Cabo.  What could be next????? Any ideas out there????

on Saturday I had mentioned my daughter wanting to take me on an all expense paid trip with her and son inlaw and my almost 3 year old across county trip fly to Arizona for a few days , driving up vegas for a few days, Disney land for a few days and then back to AZ for a couple more days and then back to Long Island ny where we live.  I wasn't going to go because it seemed to be way to much, now I'm thinking depending on what doc wants to do with my treatment and if he ok's it, I should go.  I mean I know why my daughter wants to take me.  May sound morbid but I may not get another chance like this because this disease is progressing way to fast .  I will probably not be the best traveling company but I think this time with my family is going to be priceless.  Sorry guys just needed to vent. 


  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    I'm so sorry about the bad

    I'm so sorry about the bad news. I'm sure your oncologist will have another line of approach. As for the trip, definitely go if your doc oks it. I think it's a wonderful idea to spend time with your family.

  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,330 **
    So sorry for all you are

    So sorry for all you are enduring, but glad you came here for support!

    If you do plan to try this trip, I would certainly PACE yourself. I mean if you are running to bathroom to bathroom and may get fatigued too, I would either keep trip to one place, then rest awhile and decide from there. Folks who are not getting chemo and fighting cancer have no idea how YOU are feeling unless you set the pace. Worry only about yourself. And EnJOY yourself best you can!

    Sending you healing hugs,


  • Allochka
    Allochka Member Posts: 978 **
    Very sad to hear such news ..

    Very sad to hear such news ... Take the trip, but as Jan said, think only about yourself. And your family definitely will be more than happy to do the best for you!

  • Bryn1108
    Bryn1108 Member Posts: 94
    Praying for you

    As Jan4you said, pace yourself,  drink lots of water.  I know,  hard to do when traveling,  but, it's easy to get dehydrated with tummy problems.  Have fun. ...