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Recovering from radical nephrectomy

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I had a radical nephrectomy on May 06, 2009. I had renal cell carcinoma on my right kidney. The tumor was 7cm. My body is still not back to normal and I feel like I should be doing a little better than I am. I still find it very difficult to wear pants. I also feel like a lot of people think well she had the surgery to take out the kidney and the cancer is gone so she is fine now and it is all over with. Problem is I don't feel that way. Everything happened so fast. I am worried it will come back somewhere else. Does anybody else feel this way?

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Stop the research. Most of the stuff online is massively out of date, totally insane or both. THe treatment for this sort of thing is changing on an almost weekly basis. The prognosis is getting better all the time: I found a 10cm tumour 3.5 years ago and I'm noy planning on popping my clogs any time soon:-)

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on Dec5 2016 had my left kidney removed and don't have to go back until middle of march for a scan my question i feel great drinking a lot of water every day now being the winter with snow on the way want to know if i can at least use my snow blower with traction (no hand shoveling))

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I'd find a teenage offspring to do that for you.

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Or a neighbor. Or somebody who owes you. Or somebody you pay.  Because steering that sucker around is going to be a chore on your core and it's the twisting motions that your innards aren't ready for yet. 

If in doubt, call your surgeon's office.  But this is really more than just a tad too much.  Enjoy your favorite hot beverage and sing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"


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