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Just wanted to let all the newbies who are out there.. I am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor completely NED for 6 years 9 mths!!!!!! There is hope!!!! Hugs to all!!!!

Lisa _R

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It has been a tough year, with losses and folks having reucurrences.

How wonderful it is to hear your news. 

I am thankful for your continued NED and I am thankful to you for posting.


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Hi Lisa, thanks for the encouragement and good news. I read your profile and see that you had "too many tumors to count." Where were they located? You had a liver resection and I'm wondering how much of your liver was cancerous? Im asking because my liver is 30-40% covered in tumors (last I knew) and I've been told that a resection isn't possible because of the size and location of the tumors. 

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Posts: 59
Joined: Oct 2009

It was explained that my liver looked like a spotted leopard . . 1 was 8cm... I did chemo till all but the last one was down to 2 cm... they only took 20% of my liver . . 

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Did your platelets ever get in the way of treatment? I had hoped that chemo would shrink all my liver tumors to the point that surgery is possible, but my platelets keep dropping so I've been on less & less chemo and right now have had to stop. Am hoping that they'll come back up.

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Yes, platelets, neutrophils, and neuropathy caused me to have to delay treatment more than once.  It's frustrating, but you really want to be optimized as much as possible before each treatment.  It's just another detour on your journey, but you will get there.  Hugs.

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I was only stage 2 boardering on 3 at age 77.  Now 84 NED for 6 yrs. Obviously there is much hope!!!

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6 years 9 months is so great to read....

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Hooray! Thanks for the wonderful update!!

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Thanks for sharing Lisa, we need to hear stories of battling back and living free of this scourge, it inspires.................................Dave

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Thank you so much for sharing.  My dad is now stage 4 after being a stage 3c survivor for 13 years.  Best, Michele 

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For what it's worth.....

They refer to that condition as "stage 3c with metastasis"; the staging does not change from the original staging.

Hoping he does well!



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10 years and 7 months!  Never give up!!!

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10 years and 3 months!  Keep trying, always.  

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THanks for your comment. My husband, 35 year old vegeterian cross country runner was diagnosed a week ago with stage 4 colon cancer. We are just starting the journey and are very scared. (well, I am!)

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Hooray! I'm one of the newbies that need to hear the positive!!! Again, I'm so happy for you!!!!!

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Joan M
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How long did it take fot the 8cm tumor to shrink so small?  Was the chemo what shrunk it?  I have 20 tumors and have been told they cannot operate on me due to the number and location.  Chemo has been shrinking the tumors, but not even 50% reduction yet.  Have you been on any long term chemo like Avastin or Xeloda?


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