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Weight Loss

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I am new to this site.

My 38 year old sister was just diagnosed last week with Rectal Cancer, Stage 3. I am very concerned about her weight loss. She lost over 20 lbs within the last few months, and she was skinny before she lost the 20. She looks so frail. Did anyone else experience a substantial weight loss prior to diagnosis?

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for me. I did lose weight after diagnosis, though. 


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No weight loss for me, either. I feel like I should have but nope.


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Didn't lose weight until after diagnosis. Part of it was on purpose because I radically changed my diet to eat much cleaner, part was because I lost my appetite for awhile after surgery. I got an infection that made me really feel rotten and the thought of food made me nauseous. That lasted for about 4 weeks. I hope your sister can at least maintain the weight she is currently at and find ways to gain some. Eating smaller, more frequent meals may help along with Ensure, Boost or other nutrition type shakes. I know I can no longer eat large meals.

I needed to lose weight and even though I've lost about 35 pounds from my weight at diagnosis, I can still stand to lose at least another 20 pounds or more.


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