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Stage 4

Sadie marie
Posts: 63
Joined: Sep 2016

Anyone a stage 4 survivor or fighter??

Will Doran
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Joined: Sep 2015


Yes,   I was a Stage pT3bN1, which is about one tick from a Stage 4.  I was told my cancer was very aggresive because of the Gleason score.  My doctors treated me as if I were a Stage 4.  They said they were going to be very aggresive and they were.  I started with a PSA of 69, Gleason 7 (3+4).  Had Robotic Assisted Surgery, Two years of Lupron and 8 weeks, 5 days per week of radiation to the Prostate Cavity, as clean up, after being in Lupron 2 months to weaken any remaining cancer cells.   It was / is tough battle, but that's behind me now and I'm 3 years past diagonis, and hoping for the best.   

Love, Peace and God Bless


Gleason 9 fight...
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see my comment under hope ??

Sadie marie
Posts: 63
Joined: Sep 2016

Won't do surgery in lymph nodes

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You may want to keep you comments in just one thread,,,,

You seem fixated on that fact that your surgeon won't do surgery because of the positive lymph node.  In my opinion, you should be HAPPY the surgeon did not continue with the prostate resection. Your man (and you) would have to deal with the significant side effects of surgey only to need radiation anyway.


Sadie marie
Posts: 63
Joined: Sep 2016

Not really doc said he wouldn't if in lymph nodes I am fixated on the fact that even though bone scan was clean doc doesn't give him much of a chance more than couple years because of lymph nodes. Ti thought when they said bone scan was clean we had a fighting chance.

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Lymph nodes::: Found after surgery in one of them.  Can't find much hope out there

Sadie marie
Posts: 63
Joined: Sep 2016

Now they are saying 2nd bone scan not clean 3 spots on hip area. They won't do radiation.

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